Online Dating Profile Tips For Women. Lesson 1: Profile Pictures

Online Dating Profile Tips For Women

You are reading this, so you are probably single and looking, right? I want to give you insider’s tips directly from men and what they are looking for when they see when they are online. This is the first step… You main profile picture has gotta rock! If you are a women, you will probably…

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19 Online Dating Fails Guaranteed To Never Get You A Second Date

First Date Conversation

You get ready for you date anxiously awaiting to meet your online match. You sashay in the door to meet for coffee. You both smile and sip on your lattes. The conversation is flowing, you are both laughing and things are going just swell, and then, all of the sudden… your date says something like…

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How To Build Confidence & Self-Esteem


If you are single or if you are in a relationship confidence is key to attracting great people into your life and keeping them as a healthy part of it. If you have no confidence then your love life can suffer. If you have ever acted like a doormat in relationships, then you know what…

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Why This Guy Needs A Love Coach


I was chatting to a man in a restaurant and he asked me what I do. I was told him I help people with their online dating profiles and coach singles (and people in relationships), on their path to love., and he said, “So you lie about these people?” Say what?!?! I believe that when…

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5 Creative Tips to Celebrate Your One Year Dating Anniversary

5 Creative Tips to Celebrate Your One Year Dating Anniversary(1)

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with celebrating an anniversary with dinner or flowers, but wouldn’t you like to do something a little more creative? After all, if you think your partner is extraordinary, perhaps you would like to celebrate in an extraordinary way. Here are five ideas for different budgets, time and energy that can help…

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Feng Shui For Love. 4 Tips To Amp Up Your Love Zones!

Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Schwei), is a way to add balance and harmony in your life, by keeping good energy flow in your environment. It’s time to get your Feng Shui bedroom on! Feng Shui can be used outside of your home, but I want to talk about Feng Shui inside your home especially in…

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2 Big Reasons Why Men Push Women Away

Have you ever had something going really well with a man and then… nothing? You could be married or in a long relationship but he went from burning with desire for you, calling you, texting you, and dating you to crickets chirping? He became completely withdrawn and even totally disappeared like a ghost going through…

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Why Do I Push Guys Away?

push men away

Do you ever wonder… Why do I push guys away? If you do, please make sure and sign up for my EPIC Love newsletter so you can get my new free eBook How To Stop Pushing Men Away & Get The Love You Want delivered straight to your inbox! When you feel like you really…

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3 Easy Steps Using Law Of Attraction Love Affirmations

Learn How to Use the Law of Attraction to Get Love

If you want to attract love, a great way to start is by raising your vibration. There are 3 easy steps to get into your heart and away from your mind that will help you get the love you want. When you do this you will learn to step outside of the mind chatter and…

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How To Love Yourself By Having Access To The Right Tools

How to love yourself

When you are looking for LOVE or a date, sometimes you need a little help. OK, let’s be honest here, maybe a lot of help… That’s why I’m here. I’ve been the person who said things that I wished I had NEVER said, and done things that I wished I had NEVER done, so I…

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