How To Build Confidence & Self-Esteem


If you are single or if you are in a relationship confidence is key to attracting great people into your life and keeping them as a healthy part of it. If you have no confidence then your love life can suffer. If you have ever acted like a doormat in relationships, then you know what…

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Effective Communication In Relationships Starts With The First Date Conversation

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You don’t want to look like the couple in this picture do you? If not, keep reading… I just finished up an article for Your Tango talking about Effective Communication For Great Dates: Learn It Love It & Use It. In the article I go over the three EPIC Things you can do to be…

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5 Sassy Sexy Single Ways To Build Confidence In Dating.

5 Sassy Sexy Single Ways To Build Confidence In Dating. Do you feel like you’re not good enough for a man? When you are going out with a man that you really like does your self confidence start to go down the tubes? Do you start feeling like you’re not good enough? Not smart enough?…

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