15 Reasons You Think All Men Are Jerks & 3 Ways To Fix It

Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “All men are jerks!” And there are some men out there who have done some pretty lowbrow things… why do they do the things they do? Because those men are human—just like us. Those testosterone-laden, biped male mammals, have hurts, flaws, and learning to do— just like us. Men, (and…

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Dating After An Abusive Relationship— Can I Love Again?

calm woman healing in a field of flowers

I was thinking about a letter I received this week and I wanted to address dating after an abusive relationship. It can be tricky and it is something that many of you can relate to, unfortunately. But there are things we can learn from our past that can make our lives even better. Thank you…

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From Dating To Relationship— Top 5 Crucial Moments

looking for love couple

Whether you’ve just started looking for your soul mate or you’ve been trying to find a date on a bbw chat site for quite some time, there are a few situations you need to be prepared for if you wish to have a healthy relationship. And you want to know… when does it go from…

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5 Surprising Ways To Make Him Commit

happy kissing couple

You’ve certainly asked yourself this more than once: “What makes a guy truly commit and how do I make him commit to me and only me?” Well, the answer isn’t that easy, but that doesn’t mean that it’s unachievable. Whether you’re already in a serious relationship or you’re enjoying your cougar life but thinking of…

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The History Of Dating— Apps Rule The World!

history of dating apps rule the world.

We’ve gone from dropping the hankie, to personals ads in newspapers to AOL to friendster to picking up people on Facebook and tinder. The dating pool that was once your hometown has spread across the globe. The history of dating has change dramatically in the last 30 years. Currently, there are around 91 million people…

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Home Buying for the Unmarried Couple: 5 Tips for Your Stupid Decision

feet of happy couple

When my boyfriend, David, and I bought a house, we had only been dating for five blissful and wanting months. Most of our time was spent long-distance, and I only knew him for five weeks before I left to work in another state and we decided to start dating. When we decided that we were…

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Women Who Do THIS Stay Single Forever.

serious beautiful woman with red lips

Do you want a partner that sticks around rubs his hands through your hair every night because it makes him feel like a king? Do you want someone to hold you tight in his arms every single night, because he wants to? If you want a man like this (and YES, they DO exist!), you…

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5 First Date Conversation Tips & 3 Things To Bring Along

I’ve come up with some of the best first date conversation tips to make your dating life more fun. Instead of focusing on  first date jitters, dread and anxiety of still being single, after reading this you will be on your way to a fun filled dating life that will lead you on the way…

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How To Know If A Guy Really Likes You. 5 Sure Fire Signs

One of the hardest parts about dating in the modern world is How To Know If A Guy Really Likes You. You’ve gone on a date or two and you are really feeling it . . . But is he? Does he like you as much as you like him? For women, learning whether a…

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Dreaming About The Perfect Man? Be Careful What You Wish For!

How many times have you looked up into the ether and said you want to win a million dollars or that you would love your perfect man to enter your life? Have you ever then sighed wistfully and thought if only? If your life is barren of any romantic gestures and you have almost forgotten…

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