How to Attract Any Man

how to attract any man

Doesn’t it seem like attracting men should just come naturally for women? Well… it does for the lucky few. But for the rest of us, we’ve got to work at it. We see women like that and it just makes our stomach turn. There are women who sashay down the produce aisle in their yoga pants…

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How To Let A Guy Know You Like Him

how to let a guy know you like him

You meet a man from online… he’s handsome, he has kids too, and is divorced just like you. From the way he has written his profile he even seems like he… (GULP) gets women. Wow! That’s something new on Plenty of Fish. Most of these guys seem like they just want to show off their…

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Effective Communication In Relationships Starts With The First Date Conversation

Private Dating Coach, online dating tips for women

You don’t want to look like the couple in this picture do you? If not, keep reading… I just finished up an article for Your Tango talking about Effective Communication For Great Dates: Learn It Love It & Use It. In the article I go over the three EPIC Things you can do to be…

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Top 4 Ways To Get Busy & Make Your Dating Life Epic

Epic Love is in this bubble bath.

I was in the coffee shop getting ready to get busy (and no I don’t mean “get busy”), and write my blog. I was totally appreciating that I still had a few bucks on my coffee card. This yummy large mocha only cost me sixty cents plus tip. Not a bad way to start out…

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Self Defense and Dating. Is THIS what you THINK you need?

I was going through my hundreds of emails that I receive every day and I found one that really piqued my interest from a martial arts master and previous solid gold dancer that I went on a couple of dates with. It’s called Ladies Only Self-Defense Group. Is this how you approach dating? If it…

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