Love Dating, Yourself & Your New Underwear

Love Dating & Yourself With Some New Panties.

So you’ve been single for a while and it seems like you haven’t had sex in a year (actually, it’s probably been more than a year). And hopefully, you anticipate the day of being with a man that turns you on, and treats you like you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him. It all starts with feeling good about yourself and buying some new panties. Want to attract a man like a sexy 21 year old?

The guy you went out with last week that talked about his mom way too much was not Mr Right. There were no sparks there, at all. You could never compete with his mom anyway. She is beautiful. She is still doing his laundry. And she is packing his fabulous prosciutto and fresh mozzarella bruschetta every day, and he’s 42 years old. No thanks, you’re already busy enough packing your own kid’s lunch and you really don’t want to sign up for another kid with stinkier socks.

When you were waiting on pictures to be printed at the pharmacy, you noticed that condoms were buy one get one half off, and so were all the warming oils. Geez, you thought to yourself, there’s no reason to buy either of those items, unless I want to make greased up balloon animals. How many more dates will you have to go on anyway before you think about getting rid of the granny panties and hit up Victoria Secret? I think you need to get your booty to the underwear section ASAP! Confused about men?

Well, clean out your underwear drawer and get some new undies.It will make you feel sensual. If you’ve got some ugly ones that make you feel unsexy it’s time to step it up girl. Get some new skivvies that make you feel delicious on the outside, because feeling sexy will make you feel great on the inside. When you take care of how you look even under your clothes, where no one can see, you will feel great. Embrace every womanly curve you have and love your self, that is another step to being single and learn to love dating.

Get rid of any, and I mean any undies that are stained, unappealing, or even slightly granny-ish. Get out the check card and head to the ladies department Go with some girlfriends and get fitted for the right size bra. When your undergarments are comfortable and sexy it’s even better. You will feel pampered in this silky department.

When you are looking for some new skivvies you are treating yourself well. You are taking care of your inner Goddess on the outside. It does wonders for your insides. Enjoy your experience of being in ultra-feminine section of the mall. Look at all the wonderful colors. Feel what colors your body would like to wear to make you feel the best. When you are at home get a full length mirror and try on your new purchase.

Appreciate the silkiness and the sexiness that you can wear and only you will know. Look at yourself in the mirror and know that you are the feminine Goddess that men find irresistible. If a man were to see you as you are now he would not be analyzing any cellulite or your you-think-are-weird shaped toes. He will be enamored with your feminine beauty. This is what men crave. A woman who is comfortable with themselves and feel sexy in the body they are blessed to be given.

When you put on your sassy black peek-a-boo bra and lace underwear, you will feel like a million bucks. And you didn’t have to spend a million bucks. You can get cute undies in any department store. When you feel good about yourself down to your undies your date will feel it. When you are feeling good and your self esteem is high, it’s really hard to have a bad time, no matter how boring your date is. At least you can have a chat with the cute waiter or make a new friend in the ladies room and only you will know about the new panties and how sexy they are.

Dating is so much fun especially when you have on cute undies. You can love yourself and love dating.




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