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You will learn Ancient techniques used by thousands of people all over the world that will help you overcome “Doormat-itis.”

  • In this book you can discover the symptoms of Doormat-itis with a fun quiz
  • 14 things about the dirty F-Word (it’s not what you are thinking)
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This book has great exercises, pearls of wisdom, and analogies that really help the reader recognize when doormatitis is creeping up, and how to stop that!

”ShyGal”, ””

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  • Why you caught Doormat-itis

    You will learn the 18 key points of how you caught Doormat-itis and how your past is affecting your current relationships.

  • One simple trick to STOP Doormat-itis

    How to stop ruining your relationships with Doormat-itis and EXACLTY what to do about it.

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    You will learn how to use your “Boundary Skirt,” visualization to empower you and get you on the path to having healthy relationships.

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I’ve definitely played the doormat role before- this is an awesome rundown of the psychology behind it and clearly outlines the path to being more centered and loving toward ourselves so we can get what we want and deserve in our love lives. Makes the process very clear!

”Vie, ””

The reader is challenged to consider and build their own sense of self-esteem through simple, enjoyable exercises. This is a wonderful read for anyone feeling a bit neglected and in need of encouragement and advice to deal with it!

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