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Datiku, the new sushi of poetry, is new form of poetry Developed by Dina Z Colada. There are 2 chambers: Traditional Daitku, which must reference a season, and Non-Traditional Daitku that does not reference a season. There are 4 different subchambers of Daitku: Puchi Daitku, Miko Daitku, Ooki Daitku, and Migoto Daitku which has the most freedom of all 4 subchambers.

There are specific guidelines that must be followed for a poem to be considered Daitku. All Daitku must a have a dating, or relationship based theme. Punctuation may be used, but is not necessary. It just depends on your mood, and how you want your poetry to look and feel. I like to add a dash or comma when I want a pause, but a line break can also signify a pause. Traditional grammar does not apply in Daitku. Feel free to capitalize any words, all words or no words. I prefer to use upper and lowercase letters, so the lines have a more interesting flow and are more visually appealing than all uppercase letters. Daitku is dating poetry in motion and emotion.

Daitku popped into my head on a snowy day in December. It is similar to traditional Haiku, but with a modern twist. Dating, relationships, love, sex, heartbreak, emotions, texting, late nights, and high heels are welcomed topics, but not foot binding Daitku please!

There are several different forms of Daitku that I have developed. There are guidelines in Daitku. The season (spring, summer, winter, fall) must be implied in Traditional Daitku. The Non-traditional Daitku is much more free form and doesn’t need to mention the time of year. First, I will give you the 4 subchambers and defined rhythms of Daitku.

Daitku Subchambers

  1. Puchi Daitku 2-3-2
  2. Miko Daitku 3-5-3
  3. Ooki Daitku 5-7-5
  4. Migoto Daitku ?-?-?

Puchi Daitku

  • 2 syllables in line 1
  • 3 syllables in line 2
  • 2 syllables in line 3

Here’s an example of a Puchi Daitku poem that was inspired from a recent date:

Quiet Snow

High Heel Boots

It’s on!

As you can see, Daitku doesn’t have to be serious. Be inspired and free with your words. Be funny, crazy, sad, surprised, happy, and most importantly, be yourself. This is about expressing of who you are and your experiences. Let you personality shine through your words. Words are inspiring, and what you write could inspire somebody else. People love inspiration. Often, people feel like they need to find inspiration from the outside, and you can be that source. I feel sure that someone who reads your poetry can relate to your story and the emotions you convey. You can make someone feel great when they are reading your poetry or story.

I’m strongly believe in the law of attraction, and if you’re putting out the good vibes, guess what will be attracted to you? More good vibes of course. We can do that through so many ways, and now we have a new outlet for the Law of Attraction with dating, Daitku! Now we’re onto the second type of Daitku:

Miko Daitku

  • 3 syllables in line 1
  • 5 syllables in line 2
  • 3syllables in line 3

Here’s an example of Miko Daitku taken following the Puchi Daitku poem example:

Knock Knock Knock

He waits while I dress

Grab my coat

Ooki Daitku

  • 5 syllables in line 1
  • 7 syllables in line 2
  • 5 syllables in line 3

Here’s more of the same date in an Ooki Daitku example:

Oh Baby it’s Cold!

Kare-wa opens the door

Heated seats feel great

I tossed a little Japanese into the Ooki Daitku poem. Kare-wa means he. You can write Daitku in any language, Spanish, Swahili, French, mix em up if you’re bilingual, or find a great online translator. That’s what I did.

The last form, Migoto Daitku, also known as Beautiful Daitku, is a free form version of Daitku that can be varied syllables per line, but it needs to be less than 17 syllables total. I will give a little more of the same date in a Migoto Daitku example:

Migoto Daitku

Rhythmic examples of Migoto Daitku:

3 syllables in line 1

7 syllables in line 2

5 syllables in line 3

2 syllables in line 1

4 syllables in line 2

3 syllables in line 3

The variations are many! Use your imagination. Migoto Daitku has less restrictions than the other forms. Therefore, you may find writing this type of poetry much easier. Here is continuation from the same date. You won’t get to find out the end of the date. That will remain a mystery!

Saffron Fragrance

Open Hearts

Sparkling in their eyes.

Come up with your dating poetry and please share in the comments section!


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