Now available on Amazon Kindle!

Now available on Amazon Kindle!

New Client Special…

If you have trouble meeting men or if you’re a man you can’t seem to meet the right woman, one of the best things you can do is hire¬† a private coach. Don’t miss out on EPIC Love because you are clueless. Now there is no excuse. You can talk to the EPIC Dating Expert.

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  • Chris

    Reply Reply October 30, 2013

    I would like a copy of the book, but I do not have the
    funds, right now.

    • Dina Z Colada

      Reply Reply November 6, 2013

      Hi Chris,
      If you want a copy, please send me your email address, and I’ll gift you a free one, and if you want to leave a review on amazon, it would be much appreciated!

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