Text Him The Easy Way Using A Magic 8 Ball

Use a little epic mojo to text him the easy way!

Are you single, dating and confused? Do you ever wonder: Should I call him or send another text? Oh my gosh, he didn’t call, or he didn’t show up. Maybe he’s in traffic, or ran out of gas. Maybe he’s talking to a woman, Gasp! Maybe he’s hurt. Is he in a coma? Does he need me? You don’t know if you feel worried, sad or mad. It’s so downright confusing! Would you like more clarity?

Do you wish there was a magic wand you could wave and it would just tell you what to do?

Well there is and it’s inside of you right now. You just need a few simple tools to transform your all knowing self into that magic 8 ball you’ve always wanted.

The steps you need to take are just about as simple as shaking one of those round, shiny, black, future telling 8 balls, and it has been ready for use since you were born. You’ve just gotta shake yourself up to use it. It’s called woman’s intuition. That’s right. Intuition.

Everything you need to know is directly inside of you. You know you’ve got it, but do you know how to use it? If you don’t feel in tune, you might have some problems that trickle out and cause more problems.

Luckily, there are only 3 problems if you’re not in tune:

You can’t hear it (or you think you can’t hear it)
When you hear it you don’t listen
When you do hear it, your mind talks so loud it drowns it out

Well, only 3 problems, that’s pretty good. We can fix that!

I’ve learned to tap in to that Magic Dating 8 Ball inside of me, and I want to show you how to tune in and turn it up!. It’s really really simple.

Imagine you are one of those Magic 8 Balls with 3 answers


You can easily learn to tune in to these 3 answers.

Center yourself with a couple of breaths. Think of something you really dislike. It could be bologna sandwiches, someone who was mean to you, heavy metal, or fingernails going down a chalkboard. Something that gives you a big NO! NO! NO!

Notice the sensations in your back. This is where most of the kundalini energy will rise. So if it’s something that doesn’t give you pleasure, the energy will shift and go down back into the earth. This is where we DO NOT want to go. The earth has enough going on already. We want this energy to shift upward, because we want to raise our vibration and do what makes our spirit feel good. Because it’s what is good for us.

Stay centered and keep breathing. Now think of something else. I like the idea of a boring grey wall. It won’t hurt you, but it doesn’t really bring you joy either. This is your grey area of MAYBE. You can take it or leave it. This is the sensation of the feeling in your spine staying still. Not going up. Not going down. It’s just kind of there. You can tune into this sensation. It may rest in your stomach, your head or the center of your back. Just pay attention to your body and your feelings.

Now you are going to shift the energy up in a big way!

Think of something you really like. Something that when you flip that 8 ball it will give you a BIG BIG BIG YES! YES! YES! Let’s keep it simple. Let’s imagine your favorite outfit or dress. You know the one. When you wear it, you feel like a million bucks. You feel like a super sexy! When you wear this piece you know you’re gonna turn heads. Now imagine the eight ball, and make it whatever color you like. Whatever brings you pleasure and makes you feel really good.

This 8 ball is a big one and when you put on that dress it actually will talk to you. It will say YES! YES! YES! You can read the magic 8 ball YES! Your body will speak to you. YES! And your body will feel this energy going up. YES! Keep the passion up in your body for this. Imagine your favorite dress saying YES! To you. Imagine this YES! traveling up your spine. Feel the energy rise. Because this is how the energy will flow in your body when it’s a good positive feeling, and is healthy for you.

Pay attention to the energy in your spine because this is the central channel and it is way to feel the energy travel there. You can use this technique to ask yourself any question. Take 3 deep breaths and get your body into the habit of being centered and relaxed. When it’s a wishy-washy maybe, you could go either way, and it probably won’t hurt you if you go forward with your question or not.

If you feel the energy pulling downward toward the earth, don’t do it. I actually tested this today. I parked in a permit parking zone thinking I could get away with it, my brain told me I could, and the energy in my spine told me to move the car. But my brain wanted to make sure what my body was telling me was right. The energy was right, as usual! I went back to my car in a bout 15 minutes with $20 parking ticket. I knew it! But my brain wanted to do this experiment, and it cost me 20 bucks. I guess that’s a pretty small price to pay to make sure my intuition is on.

When you’re single and dating this is a great tool to use, because it is always right on. You can ask yourself these types of questions.

Should I stay focused on what I’m doing?
Should I call him and interrupt my flow?
Should I call him right away?
Should I go out with him last minute?

Your body will not lie to you. Your brain might want to argue, but you’ve got to make sure you listen to the wise advice. The advice from your magic 8 ball and not your ego.

When you got it. You got it. And we all got it, but you have to listen when it speaks in its subtle voice. Trust this energy flow in your body. It is connected to source and will not lead you astray. This energy and way you feel is your compass that will lead you in the right direction. The right direction is up toward the light, not the darkness. This magic 8 ball inside of you will not let you down, just make sure you listen to what it has to say.

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