As a woman who has made a habit of traveling alone, the moments I felt most liberated and lightest were reading familiar stories on foreign pavements and greenery.

I put on my backpack and put on my most comfortable clothes, I sew my eyes up with amazement and excitement, and while I was visiting historical buildings and museums, I had conversations that would never leave my palate with many people whom my path crossed completely by chance.

I have made many friends from all over the world that we promised to go to each other’s countries. Traveling alone as a woman is a very, very magical thing.

I strongly recommend women to travel alone. Roads may even be safer for us than the back street of our house. If you’re thinking of whether women can travel ‘safely’ alone, then my answer is ‘ YES !’

So, how can I give women tips so that they can travel safely? Based on my own experiences, what can I share with you so that you do not experience the unpleasantness I have experienced from time to time, or that you should definitely consider the clever actions I say I am glad I did? In this article, this is the topic that we are going to discuss.

If you are ready we go!

Tips for Women Traveling Solo

Explore your destination in depth

If there is something as enjoyable as traveling, it is planning travel. Or let me talk for myself, maybe it’s the most burdensome part of the job for some.

But for me, it is one of the most enjoyable stages to search freely on Google, to determine the place to go, and then to ‘knit’ the trip in a fine way.

Before traveling, it is very important to thoroughly research the selected destinations. What kind of culture do this country and city have? Does it have dangerous streets? Is it reliable for taxi drivers? What about the crime rate? Is there a risk of disease? In such a case, is it recommended that you get vaccinated or undergo various examinations? I suggest you look at all of them one by one.

Many issues that will not be a problem in Europe and may not require research may be serious for destinations such as South America, Africa, and the Far East.

Whatever ‘ safety first! ‘At least try to pay attention to the reliability and security of your accommodation.

Make sure you have safe options at hand regarding what time and how to move from the area you reach to your accommodation.

Don’t take things with you that you’re afraid of losing

Traveling is actually always on the road and sometimes improvised to be in places we never expected and gain experiences. Our attention cannot always be on ourselves, as every moment is a brand new experience and excitement.

While wandering between historical buildings and dealing with exciting activities specific to the region, we actually become so distracted. Therefore, do not go on your trip with objects that you cannot afford to lose. This can be a family heirloom jewelry or your favorite hat… An old document that you will never find a copy of or your most precious jewels…

When traveling, prefer to have items that are as comfortable, practical, and of low value as possible.

If you have valuables, carry them in a separate bag in front of your body

Of course, your camera, laptop, and phone will be with you. However, we must carry them either in the postman style bags or in the backpacks that we wear upside down.

In an Old Town in the heart of Europe or in a market in the Far East, the biggest mistake you will make will be to put your wallet, phone, and camera on the top of your backpack.

Taking the same precaution also applies to the security of your important documents such as passports and identity cards.

Do not carry all of your money with you, use a card if possible

In the country you are going to, it would be a huge mistake to carry all your cash everywhere in one place.

You can take as much as you need from your money and leave the rest in the ‘locker’ of the hotel where you stay. Of course, my advice to you is to use a debit card.

Today, there are electronic banking systems that give better exchange rates than exchange offices. It is now possible to make electronic payments anywhere in the world.

If you are going to a more exotic area where you doubt this, I recommend doing your research beforehand.

If you use a card, you will get rid of the trouble of losing money, you will not have to look for an exchange office with a good rate, and you will get rid of the burden of dozens of coins.

May your outfit choose comfort

Think of the paths you will walk, the slopes you will climb, the cobblestone pavements, and take your most comfortable sneakers. Here he will be your most important companion.

One of the most important things when traveling is to be comfortable. Otherwise, our days can turn into a nightmare.

Our high-heeled shoes or fur (of course, artificial) we took with us to look beautiful in the photos can stand in the suitcase if you have a place. But make sure you can’t scout with them.

If you are traveling in summer, comfortable and cotton bottoms, shorts, effil dresses are the savior options. Soft and sweat-proof T-shirts, sweatshirts that you can tie on your waist against the sudden coolness of the night.

Don’t forget to pack a denim jacket or cardigan in your bag, as you won’t be able to enter or leave the hotel at any time.

Hats and glasses are important items to avoid tourist burns.

Easily foldable tote bags you can take with you will also be very good in order not to travel with a plastic bag in case of possible shopping.

If you are traveling in the winter, a coat that will keep you warm, you will not need to dress in layers and not to inflate yourself.

In the same way, sneakers in the style of sneakers that allow you to walk comfortably are also clothing options that should be considered.

Adapt to the culture

In many parts of Europe, you will see that people dress ‘casual’. Especially in countries such as Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, you can see almost everyone wearing a basic white T-shirt, black trousers, and white sneakers.

But make sure you mingle with culture in more exotic geographies such as the Far East, Africa, and the Middle East, and don’t grin like a ‘rich’ tourist. Otherwise, there may be many people who would like to ‘screw you’ with the prices of taxis, tours, and museums they inflated.

Do not rustle your money in the middle of nowhere. You may have vulture eyes around you.

Watch out for alcohol!

If you are an alcoholic person, remember that the types of drinks you have never tried before can have different effects on your body.

Of course, you will try delicious drinks from all over the world. However, it’s better to not let go of caution. Try to drink slowly and calmly. You often question yourself that  “if it is okay to let go of control right now or not ?”

The Germans are famous for their beers one after another, the Russians for their vodka shots, the Ukrainians for their cherry liqueurs, the Georgia hard drink ChaCha or the Japanese Sakes. But we are not as familiar with all of these spirits as their own people.

If we continue to drink at their pace while having a pleasant day with a group of friends we met, perhaps we will enter the realm of dreams very quickly. So remember, slow and calm!

Don’t trust everyone instantly.

During your journey, your path will cross with amazing people. You will make friends that you will never forget for life and even host each other in your own countries.

But don’t fall for an extra sense of security by having this dream or thinking that everyone who gets in your way is like a good movie character. Being cautious is not bad or offensive.

Pay attention to whether the people you meet are too demanding or are making moves that quickly exceed the level limit. Your peace of mind and safety are of considered the utmost importance.

Trust your feelings, you don’t have to go to any place you don’t feel comfortable with, do an activity, or hang out with someone.

Always remember: you have sisters all over the world

Yes, that’s right. This title makes me feel very powerful. It doesn’t require much explanation. We have sisters all over the world.

If this is your first time traveling alone as a woman with your backpack, don’t be afraid. Because if we were able to see the world map as an infographic, we would witness many women who fly around and pacing their own journeys.

Your paths will cross with a lot of women at hostels, Airbnb, Couchsurfing homes. The conversation you have with all of them will warm you up, the liberating power of being alone in another country and establishing brand new relationships. On your way back to your country, there will be very sweet memories that you look at your archway or phone gallery and longingly remember.

Don’t give a second thought to spend money on your safety

Security is the most essential element of yours. So, don’t run cheap and put yourself in danger.

Don’t stay in an uneasy hostel, a shared Airbnb you prefer because it’s cheap, or a tasteless Couchsurfing host for free. Secure yourself and don’t be afraid to pay more for it.

Remember, cheapness doesn’t always mean practicality. A hotel accommodation outside the city center you prefer because it is cheap may condemn you to public transportation or even a taxi.

A distance you dare to walk on the map can be an uncanny road in real life. So always check out user reviews on the internet.

Do not give up on choosing the quality of your bag, suitcase, and shoes you will wear while traveling.

A waterproof bag with many eyes that you can use for years will prevent unpleasant events in the long run, although it may require you to open the pouch a little.

Always have plan B and bad day money on the sidelines!

Make sure to have a plan B when traveling. While on the road, everything may not go as a thought or planned. A host you preset can change jobs at the last minute. There may be a hotel asking you to pay extra on top of the amount you paid.

Unexpected developments can affect you financially. Therefore, make sure to spend more money on your journey than you planned.

Make sure you have some money in your wallet or bank account that you have set aside for emergencies and promised to return home without spending it.

Enjoy the road!

Finally, of course, I will say enjoy your journey. I think traveling alone as a woman is one of those rare moments when we manage to live in the moment.

Traveling alone has its benefits. Being on the road gives you very interesting information about yourself. There is a kind of you that you have never experienced before on the road. Perhaps your reaction to beauty, naturalness, bad and unexpected situations will surprise even yourself.

When you’re speaking with brand new people in a non-native language, you’ll actually be amazed at how our story parallels each other.

You will listen to how your own culture, the country looks from the outside. Your perspective will expand. When you look at the land you live in, you will see what you did right and what you did wrong, and you will understand what are the things we should find valuable and hold on to.

You will share your own story with completely different faces each time. It will catch your attention to what you focus on each time, how you tell the same story with different feelings in different places at different times.

In summary, traveling is not always getting to know other cultures. Traveling, taking the road means getting to know yourself.

Too many long paths that we know and embrace ourselves.

Have a good trip, my sisters!

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Julien Chbib

Julien is the founder of Julius Homes His interest in hiking, skiing, and adventure holidays made him bring together the choicest accommodations around the globe to make holidays relaxing and comfortable.