From a forehead kiss to a kiss on the cheek, different types of kisses have very different meanings. Research has shown that there are more than a dozen types of kisses, with some of them having romantic, friendly, or affectionate meanings. Oh, la la. 

Beyond communicating different emotions, kissing offers many important health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and boosting happy hormones. Yes. to happy hormones! 

Here are 29 types of kisses with meaning and how you can introduce them into your kissing repertoire. You may skip to our infographic with everything you need to know about kissing and what kisses feel like.

Romantic Kisses

Think of romantic kisses as the kind you see in romantic comedies. These kisses are filled with love and emotion for your partner and communicate how smitten you are with them. Read on to learn what romantic kisses feel like! They feel pretty freaking great! 

1. Single-lip Kiss

The single-lip kiss is a great one for beginners. This kiss involves kissing your partner’s bottom lip while they kiss your top lip, or vice-versa. This type of kiss is a playful tease. This slow and (naughty) kiss if oh-so-playful! 

2. Lean-in Kiss

A lean-in kiss is the type you might give on your way out the door in the morning, while your hands are full of your keys and purse. Your bodies won’t be close during this kiss and your neck will be doing most of the leaning in. This is a sweet type of kiss great for hellos and goodbyes with your partner.  My heart is swooning with this sweetness. 

3. Prolonged Kiss

A prolonged kiss is a deeply romantic one that many couples share after a long time apart from one another where both parties don’t want to break away. A good mental picture of this kiss is the iconic photo of the World War II soldier kissing a nurse in Times Square. This is a passionate and romantic type of kiss. 

That is one of the BEST kissing photos in the world! 

4. Licking Kiss

Build anticipation with your partner by leaning in for a kiss but instead tracing the outline of their lips with your tongue. If you’ve never tried this… what are you waiting for? Keep it subtle and sensual, please. 

5. Palm of the Hand Kiss

The palm of your hand is a highly sensitive area and one that’s often overlooked when it comes to kissing. This is a good kiss to communicate your desire for your partner. There are so many nerves inside your hands, and on your fingertips. 

Steamy Kisses

The most sensual type of kiss, steamy kisses are best shared behind closed doors. Be sure to communicate with your partner before trying a steamy kiss to ensure you’re both on the same page when it comes to comfort levels. This are deep and passionate and will rock your socks off. 

6. French Kiss

The classic French kiss takes a bit of time to master. It requires the perfect combination of tongue, saliva, and movement and is one of the steamiest types of kisses out there. It’s even steamier than the world-famous Steamy Kiss! 

Once you have your technique down, a French kiss is a great skill to have in your toolkit — and it can even burn calories depending on how intense your makeout session gets. Burn baby burn. 

7. Breath Kiss

Breath kissing with your partner can be a great way to build intimacy. While kissing, match your breathing with your partner’s. When they inhale, you inhale. 

This type of kissing can be very sensual. You are literally sharing the most intimate inner parts of yourself with someone else. Your breath. Your life force. This is one of those things that keeps you both alive! 

8. Love Bite/Hickey

More of a sucking action than kissing, a love bite or hickey is one to plant on your partner’s neck. This type of kiss indicates your romantic desire for your partner. It’s not seen on adults as much as teenagers… but maybe the older you get the better you are at hiding your passion. 

9. Vampire Kiss

Don’t worry, a vampire kiss isn’t as scary as it sounds. This is a deep and passionate kiss on your partner’s neck that involves a bit of gentle biting. A vampire kiss is a sensual kiss best for alone time rather than a public setting. This could get you dirty looks out in public. Or maybe it would be jealous looks! 

10. Earlobe Kiss

The earlobe kiss is a great way to spice up your kissing style. The earlobe is an especially sensitive part of the body with loads of sensory receptors, which makes it the perfect spot to kiss as you’re deep in a makeout session. In reflexology there are many points to the body foudn on the ears. What part do you think the earlobe corrolates to?

11. Wet Kiss

The wet kiss is an open-mouthed kiss that can involve as little or as much tongue as you and your partner want. These kisses are typically reserved for passionate embraces and indicate desire for your partner. The wetter the better. 

Unexpected Kisses

Unexpected kisses are a good type to pepper into your kissing repertoire. Moreover, these kisses are a great way to mix up your typical kissing style and remind your partner how much you adore them. Give em a steamy kiss in the kitchen or a sneaky kiss behind the wall at the club. 

12. Butterfly Kiss

The butterfly kiss is an especially intimate and romantic type of kiss. All you have to do is sit close to your partner and let your lashes flutter together like butterfly wings as you kiss. This kiss means you’re head over heels for your partner. If you want to get sensual, and get into your body, this is a way to notice subtle touches together. 

13. Jawline Kiss

This exploratory type of kissing can be a sensual way to switch up your traditional lip kissing style. Kiss your partner’s jaw where it meets their neck and work your way onto other parts of their body.  What parts you make your way to are up to the two of you. 

14. Neck Kiss

Not to be confused with a hickey, a neck kiss is more of a peck than a deep kiss. This is a playful kiss meant to let your partner know how much you care for them. It’s sweet. It’s friendly. It’s sexy. 

15. Body Kiss

Especially sensual, body kisses are a great way to indicate arousal to your partner. Some ideas of places to place a body kiss include the chest, stomach, torso, legs, arms, back of the neck, armpits, toes, chest, ankles… just about any body part will do! 

16. Wrist Kiss

A wrist kiss is a cute one you can plant on your partner in public without going overboard with the public displays of affection. This is a classic way to be sensual and playful at the same time. 

17. Nibble Kiss

You can add a nibble into almost any kind of kiss. Apply a little bit of pressure and let go. Remember to be gentle and gauge your partner’s reaction to see if it’s something they enjoy.  Don’t draw blood folks, a little nibble goes a long way. 

18. Back-of-the-Neck Kiss

The neck is a sensitive area, and the back of the neck is an often ignored part of the body. Experiment by planting a kiss there and see what happens. No body part to be unturned! 

Sweet Kisses

Perfect for public places, sweet kisses are thoughtful and kind gestures to let your partner know they’re on your mind. Quick like a hummingbird visiting a flower for taste. 

19. Forehead Kiss

A forehead kiss communicates your affection for another person. This type of kiss means that you care deeply about them and they mean a lot to you. This could happen in a hookup… but I don’t think it’s the norm. 

20. Angel Kiss

Also known as an eye kiss, the angel kiss is one that’s placed on the closed eyelids of your partner. It indicates fondness and can be a sweet way to wake your partner up in the morning. Might as well kiss both eyes while you’re at it. 

21. Cheek Kiss

Often shared as a greeting in Europe, the cheek kiss involves one or two light kisses between friends, family or even new acquaintances. When shared with a potential partner, it can help you gauge their interest.  Do they linger? If they do… it’s a sure sign they’re into you! 

22. Nose Kiss

The nose kiss is more of a greeting than a traditional kiss. This kiss involves rubbing your nose against your partner’s. It’s an intimate and sweet gesture to show your partner how much you adore them. There are a lot of nerve endings in your nose too. You might be surpised how good it feels. 

23. Hand Kiss

A very formal type of kiss, the top of the hand kiss doesn’t have to indicate affection. This type of kiss is more of a polite gesture between new acquaintances. “Pardon me madam. I seemed to have lost my mind after setting eyes on you.” 

24. Peck

This simple, light kiss is frequently used early on in the relationship to show your interest while taking things slow. We’re talking slow slow. 

25. Blowing A Kiss

Blowing a kiss is a fun and flirty way to say goodbye. Pucker your lips and blow the kiss toward your partner before you leave. This is a sweet goodbye. 

26. Nose Peck

A quick kiss on the nose is a cute gesture to show your partner that you find them adorable. It’s an unexpected kiss and will leave you both smiling. Why not? 

Adventurous Kisses

Switch up your kissing style with these fun and surprising types of kisses with meaning. Adventurous kisses are a great way to show how much you care for your partner and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to prove it. It’s never too late to change things up to keep things fresh. 

27. Spiderman Kiss

Made famous by Peter Parker, the spiderman kiss isn’t as dangerous as you might think. You could try out the Spiderman kiss as your partner lays on the couch and you lean over them to plant a kiss on their lips. I like to call this the upside down kiss! 

28. Lizard Kiss

A lizard kiss is definitely not for everyone. Similar to a French kiss, this type of kiss involves sticking your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth quickly. This is best for couples who know each other well and want to try something new. I’m not saying you’ll like it… I’m just saying it’s different. 

29. Ice Cube Kiss

Switch things up by icing down your next kiss. Keep an ice cube in your mouth until it dissolves and then French kiss your partner. In other words, this is a fun kiss to try on a hot summer day. Of if you’re feeling crazy don’t even let it melt. 

Kissing Statistics

Beyond the butterflies in your stomach when you kiss the person you love, kissing offers some incredible health benefits. If you’re still not convinced, check out some of the kissing facts and statistics we’ve rounded up below. 

  1. The longest recorded kiss lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds, which was achieved by Thailand natives Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat on February 12–14, 2013 (Guinness World Records). That’s a doozie. And I wonder if they were dating, or just looking to get the glory?
  2. Bad kissing can have negative effects on relationships. In fact, 59% of men and 66% of women said they’ve ended a relationship because of their partner’s bad kissing technique (Time). I say there’s no time for bad kissing! 
  3. Couples who kissed often were more likely to share the same oral microbiota, which can lead to stronger immune systems. Who knew kissing can keep you healthy? (Microbiome Journal).
  4. Just like human fingerprints, no two lip impressions are the same (NCBI). I had no idea. 
  5. Research shows that kissing may have evolved from a feeding technique. Primate mothers chewed food for their young and then fed them mouth-to-mouth and with their lips puckered. Researchers believe this habit developed into a way to show love and affection (Scientific American). OK. That kissing history is NOT doing it for me. 
  6. A study shows that men who kissed their spouses every morning missed less work due to illness, got in fewer car accidents, and lived about five years longer than those who did not kiss their spouse on a daily basis (Psychology Today). Keep your spouse alive with your lips! 
  7. Romantic kissing can strengthen the bond between you and your partner and increase the feeling of satisfaction in your relationship (NCBI). I never would have guessed. 
  8. Men and women kiss for different reasons. Women tend to use kissing as a way to find out if they want to date someone long-term, while men tend to kiss because it feels good and can serve as a means of arousal ( Good kissing is crucial! 
  9. Kissing makes your brain release happy chemicals and hormones, including oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin (Healthline). The cuddle hormone— unleashed! 
  10. A 2017 study found that most people tilt their head to the right when they go in for a kiss (Science Daily). Wonder why?
  11. Just 15 minutes of kissing can lower cortisol levels, which helps alleviate stress and anxiety (Scientific American). Who doesn’t need that? 

Bottom Line: Kissing Is Good for You

Sharing a kiss with your partner is a great way to build your bond and let them know you care in a variety of ways. After learning the differences between kisses and what they mean, you can now confidently communicate your feelings to your partner with your lips, your tounge and who knows what else. 

While you’re preparing to pucker up, don’t forget to take care of your oral health, too. A healthy mouth is an important aspect of any kiss, so be sure to brush your teeth, prep your lips, get out that waterpick, some gum, and put your best smile forward. Becuase apparently… kissing is good for you!