Dating and relationships can be devastating to your self-esteem… especially when it seems like you’ve been single for eternity. Today is the day to heal a broken and heart, and easy techniques to attract a man.

I received a message from Priscilla.

She downloaded my Sassy Sexy Single book a while back (and it’s not available for free anymore).

Here is her powerful message: Thanks for the handbook. I am so inspired and feel powerful about all that you have shared.

I have a question… I am 27 years old, and have never dated beyond 6 months. I am a virgin, beautiful, smart, and intelligent but yet can’t seem to keep a man.

I noticed about myself that I have become desperate and that pushes men away from me.

I start to put pressure on him especially if he is a potential candidate. I pressure him wishing he would move things faster.

This gets me frustrated and unhappy because I feel I am growing and men may be scared of me being a virgin. Please advise

Thanks and waiting in anticipation for your response. PRISCILLA

Woo hoo Priscilla! I’m so glad my words have helped you feel better about yourself, but you still seem to push men away.

Stopping the habits that push men away is extremely hard to do. . . ESPECIALLY when you have been doing it for you entire life!

We have all felt that horrible feeling of the man we deeply care for and he starts backing away

In the beginning he is all about doing things to please you

  • He takes you on dates.
  • He calls us.
  • He sends you sweet and flirty text messages.
  • You start feeling those feelings…
  • He could be the one.
  • Then there is a shift in him.
  • The shift hurts.
  • He starts to pull away.

What happens inside of us is a desperate feeling of wanting to do anything and everything you can to keep him around.

  • You start to feel the pressure rising up inside of ourselves.
  • You start to ask him for more than he is ready to give.
  • You start to push him for a commitment.
  • You want him to wait for us sexually…
  • You start feeling desperate.
  • You do more.
  • You call more.
  • You try to set up dates with him.
  • You might even have sex with him… and end up feeling even worse!

He gives you the lamest excuses on the planet.

  • He is too busy at work.
  • He has a lot on his plate he says.
  • He doesn’t have time for you anymore.

It hurts so much you just want to hide under the covers and cry.

You end up clinging on more to a man who just can’t give us more than you need.

The more you do the farther he goes away. You can almost hear his sneakers pounding the pavement to run in the opposite direction of your love, your caring, and your heart.

What are you supposed to do to stop this from happening?

There are 3 Easy things you can do TODAY to attract a man.

  1. Take care of yourself the best that you can.
  2. Don’t become exclusive until he is exclusive with you- and you talked about it.
  3. Date other men.

I know it’s hard to do, but so many women I hear from have this same problem. I’m proud of you Priscilla saving yourself for a man that really deserves you, and the steps above are what we all have to do to stop us from pushing him away.

We have to stop over analyzing everything he says and does and start to put the focus back on ourselves, no matter how hard it may seem.

self care sunset

You have to make YOUR life the focus of your attention . . . NOT HIS life.

It’s time for you to start dating other men.

Even if you do not want to.

Because until your needs are being met, you are closing off opportunities of meeting a man who wants to fulfill your needs, your wants and your biggest desires.

I’ve included a prayer for a broken heart so  you to feel more lovable and loved.

Prayer to Heal a Broken Heart and How to Feel Lovable.

Even though the love I want seems to run away every time it starts to feel good, it’s OK. Even when it hurts I know I can carry on. I will allow my feelings come up even the ones of not feeling good enough for love. The feelings of hurt and frustration and desperation have something to teach me and I am ready to listen to what they have to tell me.

These feelings are showing me that I have to give myself even more love than before, because I am worth it. I am willing to do anything in my power to feel better. I want to make a pact with myself and my brothers and sisters to be strong enough to open my heart and let myself heal. I am ready to breathe into my heart to hear its wisdom. When my heart feels hurt is when it begins to crack and the walls lose their power. When our hearts are broken is the best time for us to the light to enter.

This divine light that now has a place to go that will help me heal. This light that now flows inside of me gives me strength to carry on. This light gives me compassion for myself for the things in the past I have done to push love away. This light will help me understand the only thing I can change is myself. I have the tools to let go of the patterns of the past that have pushed love away.

I have the understanding to change and learn and grow to become more accepting of other people and myself. I will trust in my higher self and learn to listen to my heart of what to do. And when I feel confused about love I will ask for help when I need it. I will let the light enter and bath me from the inside out. I want my inner light to shine. It is my time. It is my time for love. I am ready. I am willing. I am braver than I have ever been before. I am loved. I am loving and I am lovable.

I know things might seem hard, but we have to be in the darkness sometimes before we can see the light. And you just need to see a spark to light the way. The spark is inside of you and it is your time to set the world on fire with your love for yourself. So trust yourself and do whatever you need to do to love yourself.

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Dina Z Colada