The very best first date tips for men

Did I hear the words, first date? If so, then you are can focus on your heart, but there are few other things we need to do as well. We all know that when the time to get ready for a first date, we might be stressed and we start wondering how to show our best without making a bad impression to that gorgeous woman who we somehow managed to take out for dinner.

Is it easier for women? – They put on a killer red dress, put some make up and get their hair done. She could even show up in jeans sandals, and still be smoking… so yeah maybe it’s easier for some. Looking beautiful never hurt a woman on a first date, but adding some charm and innocence and of course a cup of intelligence is a good contribution to the whole enchilada, but it is a well know fact that women usually find it easy to prepare for their first date and act more naturally when show time comes.

Men, on the other hand might find it more difficult to come to terms with some of the important moments on the first dates. Some of them are more confident, however many men accept this as a mission that is doomed to failure from the very beginning. There are a few simple steps you can take that will ease your mind and keep the sweat off of your palms.

In this article we will give some solid, and what may seem like common sense, advice to all the men that feel insecure and that want to present themselves in a more confident masculine way that will attract, and not repel the woman that you keep imagining in your arms. There are few tips that will help you to guarantee a saved place in the heart, or at least for a second date with that sexy lady.

1. Present yourself in the right way

This is a non-written rule for first dates. Make sure that your clothes are clean and neat, even if they are not bought from the most expensive stores. But a great pair shoes, jeans or nice pants and a jacket with a t-shirt look great on almost every guy. So even if you have just little cash, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple really nice classic things for your dates. You get what you pay for and they will last you for a long time as long as you’re not fixing your car when you’re wearing them.

A great part of the first impression is made by the appearance of the other person, so if you put on your old jeans and dirty T-shirt you do not stand a chance of having second date with the same woman. There are men who show up in dirty work clothes on a date, and unless a woman is having a fantasy of be romance by a grease monkey, the chance of getting a second date with her are zero to none.

Most women notice details of style and the way men look, so they are very likely to see the stain on your jeans that you have forgotten to clean before going out. So get to the cleaners gents. Trim that beard if you have one and try no to look like someone who crawled out of a dumpster.

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2. Do not forget your sense of humor, or hers

There is nothing more impressive than the sense of humor of the manwho is communicating with a woman. Of course when we talk about a sense of humour, it doesn’t mean joking with your lady all the time. Women adore men who make them laugh; so do not underestimate this part of the conversation. Traditionally it is men’s role to provoke women’s interest, so be brave and set the fire.

But don’t try too hard and not let her see the real you because you are covering up your insecurities with bad one-liners. Make a funny, and don’t forget to that she want to see the part of you that not everyone gets the chance to see. Have a conversation and find out what makes her tick. Don’t forget to make her smile and ask her some questions. Don’t overload the conversation with babble, and make sure it is balanced. Women love to talk, and if you ask her some questions about herself and really listen, she will think you are dream come true.

3. Be a true gentleman 

We have news for you- being a gentleman is not out of date. And it will never be. The first date is the best occasion when you can demonstrate your manners and to prove to the woman that these details matters. Of course, we do not mean to show off with your gentleness but to show to the woman that you respect her and that you think about your behavior. A hand on her lower back as she walks in the restaurant could potentially send shivers down her spine. But don’t be afraid to have fun with her either.

These are some of the tips that could be really helpful for the men who are about to go on a first date. If you feel nervous, don’t forget to breath, and remember this advice. Make these things a habit, and you will spend good times on your first date and many more to come. Make a great first impression and she will be more than impressed with your manners, appearance and behaviour. First dates will no longer have you shaking in your shoes, but rather an opportunity for you to show your best qualities and skills. The woman will be thrilled and then, you can start preparing your second date. If you want to go even deeper and see what women truly desire and you have no idea how to attract women