I’m  excited to have another guest blog! This one is from Jenna James and I put a few of my thoughts in this piece too so it is in good flow with EPIC Love.

No relationship is perfect

But as couples reach the third year of their relationship, there could be some setbacks and questions. There are plenty of untruths about relationships.

Relationships are like a hearty appetite towards one’s favorite food in such a way that once you’ve eaten it all you eventually lose your craving for it. Soon enough you’ll find yourself begging for that ambiguous and very confusing thing called “space.”

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In reality, this phenomenon is experienced by both men and women who are in a long term relationship.

In fact, this usually happens whether or not you started out as friends or you’ve started as of love-at-first-sight movie-kind-of love. There used to be the 10-year itch, then the 7-year itch, but with our short attention spans…

Well, relationships get on our nerves faster, becuase— well, we’ve got options.

First, let us examine the common signs and symptoms of this problematic 3-year itch.

Here are 3 questions you can ask yourself to see if you are having the 3-year itch

  • Do you you partner less than you used to?
  • Do you feel like letting him see the side of you that is not that pretty?
  • Do you enjoy being with other people more than with him?

If you answered yes to these questions at the third year of your relationship, then more likely you’re on your way to experiencing the three-year syndrome, but there are things you can do to bring back that lovin’ feeling.

Most of the time, people who experience this would mistake this as falling out of love.

So oftentimes they’d opt for “space” only to realize in the end that they’ve thrown away a relationship that’s worth keeping. The law of attraction works even if you think about something you don’t want…

One rule of the thumb says “giving up is never an option,” but there are of course excpetions to everything.

So keep this in mind and if you think you are having the 3-year itch, here are some suggestions that will help you as you go through every hurdle in the years to come.

1. Communication is key. 

Most misunderstanding and miscommunication come from feelings unsaid and words unspoken.

It wouldn’t hurt if you tell him that you’re feeling a bit overly sensitive nowadays and that includes even the most nonsense things in your relationship.

Don’t forget to ask him to understand you, and let him know how you feel.

De-clutter your mind every now and then.

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2. Patience is a virtue. 

As you expect patience from your partner, don’t forget that you yourself should set that as your own requirement. Be patient when he can’t be there for you sometimes.

Be patient even if you feel like he’s not paying attention to your litanies. Be patient as he struggles to understand what you’re going through. It will all be worth it in the end.

3. Mind over matter. 

Don’t let your emotions rule you. You are in charge of them. Sometimes we are angry because we allow ourselves to be angry. We feel bad because we allow ourselves to feel bad even if the issue isn’t that serious.

You just need a little attention, a punching bag to release your emotions, and a sponge to suck off all those heated up feelings.

If you feel like you are about to burst out, why don’t you let him know how you feel and ask him to just listen.

The effects as well as the extent of the 3-year itch depend on how well you manage everything that goes with it.

So always keep in mind that you’re stronger than the glitch. Your love is more important that that three-year glitch. He is worth it so all the efforts of making him love you back will be worth it. The 3-year itch should be nothing that you can’t overcome.

Guest Author Bio

Jenna James teaches guys and girls how to get back their loved one who left – even when their ex does not want them back – at baitexback.com