I’ve come up with some of the best first date conversation tips to make your dating life more fun. Instead of focusing on  first date jitters, dread and anxiety of still being single, after reading this you will be on your way to a fun filled dating life that will lead you on the way to what it is you are really looking for instead of worrying about having something stuck between your teeth.

1. Be curious, but don’t take over the first date conversation

Break the ice with a few questions about your date’s passions, if they don’t take the reigns. If you’ve spoken before, ask him/ her about things they might have mentioned in their online profile or on the phone.  Here are a few starter questions.

  • What do like to do on your day off?
  • What kinds of food do you love?
  • Are you close with your family?
  • What are you looking for?

If it’s a blind date, don’t be terrified to dig into some deep conversation, but don’t make them feel like they are an ant under a magnifying glass. If you are having fun, let them know it with your smile, your laughter and your body language. Being curious shows interest. And gives you insight into a man.

Most people love to talk about themselves and if you really hear what they say, and respond accordingly, they will think you are the most interesting person alive. 

2. Tell them your dreams


Let your date in on what kinds of dreams you hold in your heart. When you are open, it lets your date see what kind of person you are on the inside. You don’t need to hash up details of your baggage from past relationships. Your date wants to know about you, and if they aren’t interested, then leave them behind and say, next (but just say that to yourself).

3. Show your date that you’re fun to be around

Laugh at their jokes… with one exception. Unless you don’t think they are funny.

If you don’t understand them and feel like a deer in the headlights, then you probably have a very different communication style and are not a good fit for anything-long term.

Don’t laugh at their jokes if they make you feel uncomfortable in a bad way, they are rude to the server, or anyone in the vicinity, especially you! A good person will be happy, friendly and hopefully funny. If you get each other with similar communication style, you are on your way to date number two.

4. Share personal anecdotes

Let your date in on your life by sharing a few personal anecdotes and tell them about an experience that really stands out in your memory. Once you’re done, ask them to do the same. You can literally take turns sharing your best memories the entire date!

  • What is one of your favorite memories
  • Do you have any pets, or did you ever have any?

Talking about good memories amplifies more good memories in the making and will show them that you like to focus on the positive things in your life, not the negative things that have happened.

5. Let them know you had a good time (as long as you did!)

The end of a first date can be a little awkward. You’re not sure if the other person had a really good time and are unsure if a second date is possible. So…

An easy fix for an the end of the date is to look them in the eyes and tell them you had a good time, if you truly did. Being honest is appreciated and this way you’ll let them know that you want a second date without actually blurting it out. Your date will like to hear this kind of feedback especially if they are interested too.

Before you go on a date, make sure you prepare yourself with the right tools. The things you need to pack in your dating toolbox are:

1. Good self-esteem.

You can improve your confidence by saying nice things to yourself before you go out on the town with this new person.

2. The right clothes

I once went to a brunch date overdressed and it was kind of… awkward. But it’s better to be overdressed than wearing your pajamas. You don’t want to show up to dinner looking like someone from the people of Wal-Mart website. Dress appropriately. A fancy dress isn’t need for a coffee date.

3.  A positive attitude.

thumbs up

If you feel uncomfortable about going on your date, remember to practice gratitude before you go. Remember all the amazing things going on in your life. They are plentiful when you really think about it.

Embrace the unknown and the possibilities of your potential date, but don’t put pressure on them. Make a new friend, bring your most fun self, plenty of self-esteem, and leave your past baggage in the car. If you have ever been a doormat in past relationships and need some tools to build your self esteem check this out