We’ve all been there— you know… Singledom. There are 5 easy things that will help you enjoy being single, instead of feeling sad and lonely over your Single Facebook Status.

I was reading an article called heat seekers in Psychology Today. This piece was based on a study in Emotion. The participants who felt sad and lonely, took a dip in the warmer tub or shower more often then those who didn’t feel as sad and lonely.

John A Bargh, the Yale psychologist said they warmed up this way “to compensate for feeling socially cold.” So if you’re feeling sad for no reason, you can either turn up the heat in your bath and visit the hot tub more often.

Other participants in the study, whose hands were warmed up with heating pads found greater job satisfaction than those who got friendly with the ice packs. This is showing that our psychological makeup is molded not only by conditioning, but also by the things going on in our physical world.

Other studies have shown that feeling sad and lonely make us feel excluded. Iced coffee can also shape our ideas of another person as being unfriendly. So even if it’s hot out, it sounds like you’ll be much more open, warm and inviting, with a hot cup of coffee than a cold one.

Discovered in a fMRI machine study, Bargh noted that the area in the brain, the insular cortex, that keeps tabs on discomfort went up when the participants held cold items instead of hot ones. Warm drinks may also make you more trusting. Trust is good, especially when you trust yourself.

5 Hot Essential Principles That Will Make You Enjoy Being Single

1.Take a long hot bath
2.Wear a big sweater
3.Turn up the thermostat
4.Hold a baked potato (then eat it!)
5.Drink hot chocolate.

If you’re still feeling sad and lonely, you can eat warm chocolate cookies while you fire up your computer to get on match.com. While you’re sipping your chocolaty frothy goodness, you can search and include yourself with thousands of singles online. This will make you feel even warmer. If you are at your computer so lone that you run out of hot chocolate, you can switch to hot tea until and drink water with no ice cubes.

So if you’ve been feeling sad and lonely, keep warm when you’re at your computer while you plan on having some real social interaction, Friday when you do go on a date, I would opt for red wine instead of white, and remember to take a sweater to the restaurant because they might have the AC turned up.

You might as well keep your body warm while you’re getting to know this guy, it will help you feel more trusting of your intuition. And that is a good thing. Keep yourself open and if you feel sad and lonely, sign up for my newsletter at dinacolada.com for warming tips and connection.