Do you feel like you’re not good enough for a man? When you are going out with a man that you really like does your self confidence start to go down the tubes? Do you start feeling like you’re not good enough? Not smart enough? Not pretty enough? Maybe that you’re not deserving of him? Learn how to be a confident women… even around the hottest guy ever!

How dos this happen? Something starts to feel really good and you get more and more uncomfortable. You want to build your confidence so you can be the one while you’re looking for the one. There are a few simple things you can do to build your self confidence.

1.Center yourself

One of the first ways to to build confidence is to understand yourself and the first step is to focus on your breath. You can do this by breathing, going inward and searching inside of yourself for all the love that is already there.

You are filled to the brim with love, you just have to sense its presence and you can tune into by giving yourself at least 5 minutes a day of being quiet and being with yourself. If you start to feel nervous around a guy just remember to breath. Go to the bathroom if you need to and take 3 deep breaths. Then check your hair and your lipstick. Go here to learn an easy meditation.


2.Be authentic

You need to be you, and not woman who you think the man would want to be with. You also need to bring your best self along on a date Centering yourself before every date will help you tune in to your real feelings and build your confidence.

If he says something off color that you think is inappropriate— you don’t need to put on a fake smile, laugh and pretend it doesn’t bother you. You can say in a calm way that you feel uncomfortable about a certain topic. If he says something sweet and you like it, let him know with with a simple “thank you for saying that” and a smile.

3.Be present

Being present is one of the most important ways to build confidence. If you are worrying about your future with him or anything past the present moment, you are asking for trouble. Before you meet, here are some reasons you might want to Google your date.

I know it may seem hard to do, but with practice you can put your attention on the moment. You can do this by using all of your senses, especially your sixth sense. Use your taste, touch, smells, hearing and especially your feelings. Those are the radar that you are blessed with and they will always steer you in the right direction.

4.Don’t put your focus on the man. Especially one man.

Of course when you are with a man you want to focus on him. But when you are not with him and you want to be a confident woman— you want to focus on your life— because when you are happy with your life, it is one of the most important ways you can build confidence and feel good about yourself.

Focus on what makes you feel alive, sassy, confident and playful. Don’t focus on wondering why he hasn’t called, or wondering if you should call him first. Focus on you.

5.Practice, and fake it till you make it.

Wear a coy little smile all day and walk with good posture. These 2 ways to build confidence, will also have every guy wondering what you’re up to because of that little smirk you’re wearing along with your confident sexy walk.

If you are still working on feeling confident, pretend for the time being. Keep standing straight, smiling and saying hello to strangers.
You will get through the uncomfortable feelings and you will become more and more confident. It just takes a little practice. Smile. Flirt. Have fun, get online and start dating!