5 Signs That You Are Having An Emotional Affair

 I had an emotional affair during my marriage and ended up leaving my husband thinking that the other man would be there waiting for me. Things sure didn’t turn out the way I expected. But then again, they often don’t. Learn how to recover from an emotional affair in this video.

1.  You feel that connection with the other person, not with your partner.

When you are having an emotional affair, it can be so confusing! You might have a partner, but you met this other guy. He wasn’t any instant chemistry. But you happen to work together, or you see him at the coffee shop every day. You can’t wait to see him, or talk to him again. You are hungry for something more from them, but you feel so confused.

2.  Your feelings for your ex are fizzling not sizzling.

When you see your partner, you can’t even imagine having sex with him again. And if you do, you are just hoping it will be over soon. Or maybe you are thinking about this other man while you are with your partner.

3.  The other person is fulfilling your emotional needs unlike your partner

Your partner just doesn’t seem to understand you like this guy. You can talk to him about anything, almost like a girlfriend. But he’s got some parts that your girlfriends just don’t have. Like those soft brown eyes and strong arms that could wrap around you like no other.

4. You feel conflicted about this other person, but you are still drawn to them, like a moth to a flame.

You are almost addicted to him. When you go to sleep you dream about him. When you wake up, you think about him. You imagine what it would be like to kiss him. To let him touch your hair and caress you as you make love.

5.  You would rather communicate with the person other than your spouse. 

When you want to share something special, like your best friend’s baby shower, you don’t even think about talking to your partner about it. Because he would probably not even care. And if he actually heard you would just say something like “oh, OK.”

The connection to you partner or boyfriends is becoming non-existent. This is exactly what happened to me when I was married. I met this man who listened to me, understood me and seemed to really care about me. Learn how to let go of an emotional affair.


I thought he was my soul mate and that we would be together forever. But I ended up leaving my husband thinking that he would come and rescue me. I thought that we would be together forever. That didn’t happen. In fact he went to another country and I have never seen him again.

Emotional affairs can devastate relationships just as much as a physical affair. It seems like an emotional affair is not as bad as a physical fling in a hotel. But they can be just as painful, especially after you put your heart on the line.  What are the other signs of an emotional affair?