If you are a hopeless romantic waiting, dreaming, and hoping of finding the the One, I advise you to broaden your search and believe in yourself and trust that you ARE ready for love.

There are literally billions of people on earth. Search high and low and everywhere in between. As the saying goes there are Plenty of fish in the sea, cliche I know, but it is true!

Snap out of it! Stop treating love like the lottery, passively playing when its convenient. You won’t win big in love unless you play. 

It’s wonderful to be optimistic, because the odds of finding love are in your favor.  You are closer to the love of your life than you think, even if you’ve been single for eternity and feel totally unlovable.

Here are just a few tips to find some one who is perfect for you.

  1. Believe in the Law of Averages

When it comes to love believe in the odds. Unlike the lottery or mega million, the odds of finding love greatly lean in your favor. Sure people die everyday, but we are far from an endangered species. 

Therefore, by default the chances are great that someone shares your interest and wants to love you. Believe it! And if there aren’t many singles at your local coffee shop, get your booty online!

2. Broaden Your Search

Have you ever done an online search for a match and the outcome was No Results Match Your Search Criteria? If so, this tip is directed towards you. Don’t let minor flaws or character traits stand in the way of you finding love. The love of your life may be who you least expect it to be. If he or she was a snake they may have bitten you by now!

Don’t be so closed off that you won’t give a man who doesn’t look like a perfect 10 a chance. I know you want to meet a man that looks like Bradley Cooper (don’t we all?), many guys don’t know how to take a good photo. 

Most men are not going to do a photo shoot with their amigos for their match.com profile. He probably looks better in person, and you will never know until you give him a chance to meet you for coffee. 

3. Find Yourself

One of the best ways to find love is to find yourself— first. What does that mean anyway?Take the time to discover what makes you tick. 

All of us feel like we should know how we operate. If you don’t know how you operate, its not likely anyone else will be able to figure you out. Nor should they be expected to. The next time your ready to give away your love include instructions. Come equipped with a manual!

We should all come equipped with an instruction manual, haha— but we don’t, so you’ve got to figure out you, nobody can do that for you. 

Want to know the easy way to figure that out? 

It’s simple. Ask yourself one question

What makes my heart sing? 

Singing? Dancing? Politics? The theater? Getting your nails done? Reading? Running your company? Romance? Sensuality? Tough mudder races? All of the above? I’m sure you are multi-passionate, even if you didn’t realize it. Find out your passions, and do them passionately. 

4. Find Love

daisy heart

Look everywhere! Love is all around you. In the flowers, your best friend, even you favorite red velvet blanket that keeps you warm at night. Loving and lovable people are all over the earth. The person that is meant for you might surprise you— fascinate you.

There are endless possibilities to find love. All you have to do is open your eyes and embrace the pure potential of the unknown. Matches have been made everywhere, from night clubs to the produce section at Super Walmart. So get up and start shopping around!

5. Be Patient

Patience is one of the most important keys to finding the one. The reason most people don’t find love is because they simply give up. Love is the force that keeps the world spinner and it never quits, neither should you. 

So participate in the race and don’t sit on the sideline. When you get yourself into the right vibrations and then take the right actions— Attract him now and then Prince Charming will beg to be yours.

—Guest Post by Hollywood Johnson