You’ve certainly asked yourself this more than once: “What makes a guy truly commit and how do I make him commit to me and only me?” Well, the answer isn’t that easy, but that doesn’t mean that it’s unachievable. Whether you’re already in a serious relationship or you’re enjoying your cougar life but thinking of settling down, here are the top five things women can do to make a man commit to them completely.

1. Start With Yourself

The first and foremost thing you need to take care of before you start working on making your partner commit to you is, well, you. The only good place to start solving this “problem” is nothing other than your own wants and wishes.

Take a second and think about whether spending time with him makes you feel good, improves your mood, and makes you feel respected. If you’re having some issues answering these questions, you might be spending your time and energy on the wrong guy.

2. Be Subtle

Once you’ve determined that this is the right guy for you, it’s time to bring up the topic. We’re assuming that you’ve been with this man for at least a couple of months if you’re considering total commitment, of course.

While keeping a light tone and a rather pressure-free atmosphere, ask your partner if he would be willing to meet your parents or if he wishes to get married someday. Also, don’t forget to mention that there’s no wrong answer here, but also don’t be afraid to express your own hopes and dreams for the future with him.

3. Isolation Is Good


When we say ‘isolation’, we aren’t talking about you going completely off the grid in order to make your partner more committed to you. Instead, we’re talking about you and your partner unplugging from the chaos of modern life to enjoy some intimacy.

This creates a whole new situation in your relationship – one where both you and your man have nothing else to do but to tend to each other.

4. Play It Cool

Even though you’ve probably already passed the dating stage, it can be quite effective to apply a certain dose of mystery to your relationship in the goal of making your partner more committed to you.

A woman who always waits around for her boyfriend isn’t exactly something worth investing in. That’s why playing hard to get from time to time can make your partner realize just how valuable you are. Don’t overdo it though, as moving dates around too much or leaving one too many calls unanswered can make a guy lose interest.

5. Show Him That You Care

self care

On the opposite side of the spectrum of “playing hard to get” is paying attention to your partner and showing him that you care about him – in moderation, of course.

Guys are known to appreciate someone and want a relationship with them if they make them feel amazing. If you’re the one who makes him feel good about himself, he won’t have the need for anyone else. However, if he’s not reciprocating that, you might have a narcissist on your hands, and why would you want to make him commit?

The best advice is to take care of yourself first. And if you have have a broken heart that is holding you back you need to heal your heart first.