Love it or hate it, it’s a reality that dating apps now play a massive role in modern dating. And let’s face it, they do offer a lot of ease and convenience. However, you might find them too impersonal, full of men who aren’t to your taste, or maybe you hate how much dating apps feed into casual hookup culture.

Luckily, we live in a technological society and are no longer limited to just one or two dating app options. There are countless dating apps available, and each is tailored to users with different relationship goals in mind. 

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, Hinge might be your best bet. If you’re a lesbian woman wanting to find the one, you should check out HER. If you’re sick of apps stealing your personal data, try Pickable. 

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered because in this post we’ve rounded up and reviewed seven must-try dating apps for 2020. You can try out whichever ones sound best for what you want, because there’s something for everyone!


What is it?

Well, we probably don’t have to explain what Tinder is. But if you somehow haven’t heard of it, Tinder is the bread and butter of modern online dating, with 57 million users worldwide.

Positives include that almost every single person is on or has been on Tinder, so there’s no shortage of matches. It’s well-designed, simple, and easy to use. Negatives can include the large proportion of users not interested in anything serious, and that it’s infamous for driving hookup culture.

Try Tinder if you…

  • Are dipping your toes into online dating for the first time and just want to see what’s out there.
  • Want to have a big selection of partners. Male, female, young, old, lawyer, bartender: if they’re single, then they’re probably on Tinder.
  • Are just looking for something casual or lowkey.


What is it? 

Bumble was created by one of the co-founders of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe Herd. With twice as many men on Tinder than women, Bumble is designed to be feminist and female-focused. Bumble is the second most popular dating app with over 55 million users worldwide as of 2019. There’ll be no shortage of potential matches awaiting you.

Tinder and Bumble are quite similar in design, except for one major difference: in heterosexual matches, the woman has to send the first message. Wolfe Herd says, “if we can take some of the pressure off the man and put some of that encouragement in the woman’s lap, I think we are taking a step in the right direction, especially in terms of really being true to feminism.” 

Try Bumble If You…

  • Are sick of being overwhelmed by gross messages on Tinder.
  • Want to keep control as you navigate the weird world of online dating.


What is it?

Happn’s concept is a little wild. Instead of your standard swipe-and-message, Happn uses location services to present you with people who have recently crossed your path within a 250 metre radius. In a way, this is similar to traditional dating. You could see a cute guy at the coffee shop, but instead of having to pluck up the courage to ask for his number, you can just like him on Happn once you walk away. 

Some people might find it a little creepy or an invasion of privacy, but others might find it more “real” than random matches based on geographical location.

Try Happn if you…

  • Are someone who always finds themselves thinking “damn, that guy was totally tall-dark-and-handsome. I wish I had said hi!”
  • Consider yourself a bit adventurous and spontaneous.
  • Live an active or busy lifestyle, and dating someone who does too is very important to you.

Facebook Dating

What is it?

Facebook Dating is fairly new, having been introduced by Facebook in September 2019. You can easily use your existing photos and info to build a profile for the Facebook Dating section of your Facebook app. Then, you have the option to like or comment on people who are friends of friends or outside your friend circle. 

Facebook Dating won’t match you with friends, but you can add friends to a “Secret Crush” list and will only be notified if they do the same for you. It’s a part of your existing Facebook app and has a very similar user experience, so is nice and straightforward to use if you’re already a Facebook user.

Try Facebook Dating if you…

  • Already use Facebook.
  • Don’t want to download yet another dating app.
  • Want the ease of being able to use your existing Facebook/Instagram photos.


What is it?

Hinge is seriously on the rise for millennials looking for love. Unlike Tinder, which sometimes feels like a cesspool of people just looking for a hookup, Hinge is “designed to be deleted.” This means it’s designed for users who want to end up in a long-term relationship. Hinge shows you a specifically selected range of matches based on compatibility, and each profile is beautiful and detailed.

Try Hinge if you…

  • Are looking for a long-term partner.
  • Are on the younger side: 90%of Hinge users are between 23 and 36.


What is it?

HER is a dating app geared towards LGBT+ folk. The lesbian community is notorious for having sparse dating options, but HER is here to help! There are zero cisgendered men on HER, and because of the “community” tab where you can discuss topics with other users like sports and local events, the app isn’t only about dating but also friendship and networking. This makes for a friendly and fun online environment for members of the LGBT+ community, so even if you’re not looking for love, this is definitely one to try out.

Try HER if you…

  • Are lesbian, bisexual, or any member of the LGBT+ community.
  • Are looking to find a high quality, long-lasting relationship.
  • Want to make some new LGBT+ friends or even find some professional contacts.


What is it?

This dating app allows you to swipe through men without even signing up. Founder Clementine Lamande calls online dating “patently unpalatable for women.” Pickable is even more female-focused than Bumble, and all about anonymity. The men upload a picture, set themselves as “pickable” for a specified timeframe, and wait for chat requests from women. As a woman, you don’t even make a profile. You just scroll through men and only send a photo if you like them. Easy as that!

Try Pickable if you…

  • Don’t want to spend ages developing the perfect dating profile.
  • Are sick of the male-dominated vibe of other dating apps.
  • Highly value your privacy.