Some see online dating as an easier method for meeting new people but without the right online dating pictures you will be last to the finish line. Competition online is fierce so you’ve got to stand out from the rest of the people online.

So many people don’t put much effort into creating a profile that attracts, and this is detrimental to your dating love life. If you want to meet the woman of your dreams or the guy you can’t stop thinking about, it starts at the base level. Your looks and your pictures, and you don’t have to look like a Hollywood star.

Here are the basics to having a killer online dating profile picture. (I know about this stuff, I wrote an entire book about it!)

  1. Show yourself as the goodie.

As the old saying goes, a person only gets one chance to make their first impression, and it’s true. In the world of online dating, your profile picture is your first impression, so you better make it a good one, even better yet, a really good one. One that shows your inner spirit on the outside.

A lackluster picture keeps people from taking an interest in getting to know you further. When a person is sifting through 100’s of profiles, they are more likely to have their interest piqued by a person who takes the time to post an irresistible photo. The best pictures get the most clicks, which equals more dates which can equal heart pounding, can’t-sleep, and are too busy to eat kind of love.

  1. Tap into your beauty. 

People are superficial by nature, at least to a certain degree. Or we can rephrase and say that people appreciate beauty in other people. Of course we do, and each of us are different, look different, smell different, act different. That’s what makes the world interesting.

I love Van Gogh, but if every painting in the world looked like his, the art museums wouldn’t be quite as exciting. “Oh look honey, it looks just like starry night,” you overhear a women say to her husband. People are often attracted to people with about the same level of attractiveness and everyone certainly isn’t a 10. Most people are normal and want to meet someone else who is on the same level.

Unless you catch someone’s eye with your profile picture, they may simply decide to move onto the next person. Because there are plenty of other fish in they sea the cliché saying goes, and if you want to catch a good one, make your pictures say something about you.

  1. Strike a pose. 

It is important to remember that it is not about being the most attractive. It is about using an online dating picture that conveys a sense of individuality and makes a person want to get to know you further. Of course you want to look good in your photo, and if you are a woman, a happy or sexy look gets the most action. If you are a man, women really appreciate a more prideful look than a toothy grin a lot of time.

  1. Show off your hobbies.

So what do you need to do in order to create a much more effective online dating profile picture? One of the most common methods of doing so is to take a picture of yourself (or a passerby or a planned out photo shoot with your bestie), while participating in your favorite hobby. This conveys a true sense of self to the person who is browsing your page, and lets them know something about you besides what you look like in a bathroom.

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  1. Show off your friends.

Another great method for sparking interest is to use a profile photo that shows you hanging out with other people. This shows that you have an active social life shows everyone that you don’t need them because you already have a solid circle of friends. When a person only uses selfies, this can also give off the impression that they are self-absorbed, or don’t have any friends. So get clicking!

  1. Show off the ones you love.

Using a candid photo of you spending time with your family or your pets also goes a long way towards showing a person that you are someone who is capable of building and maintaining relationship. A person will often judge you based off your relationship with your family or how compassionate you are towards animals. I don’t suggest posting pictures of your children, you can however mention them in your profile though so sexy singles know they are part of the package if you hitch up.

  1. Don’t hide yourself. 

Last, but certainly not least, use a full body, recent photo for your dating profile. No one wants to date a floating head and there is no sense in concealing any of your flaws. After all, you will have to meet the person someday and it is better to let them know exactly what you look like during the early stages.

While this may sound cliché, it is crucial for you to simply be yourself when choosing a profile picture. Ask yourself this question before you post your photos online: is this a picture that best showcases my looks AND my personality? If not, then it is time to make a change.

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