If you have ever wondered how to attract a man that you are interested inβ€” the key is in using your ancient feminine wisdom.

The properties of static electricity are like this: There are positive charges and negative charges. Positive and negative energy. Positive and negative charges are opposite, just like men and women in dating and relationships. Men and women naturally attract one another. One of the secrets to attracting a man is by remembering some simple principals of basic science.

These polar opposites are like the energy in men and women. Ying and Yang. Positive and negative. Opposites.  Opposite energies attract, and similar charges repel. When a woman is feminine and in her ying or negative energy and a man is masculine, with outward positive or yang energy they naturally attract one another (at least this is part of the puzzle), much more easily than if they are using similar energy.

So how does this science tie in to attracting a man? It means you need to embrace your feminine energy that is already inside of you. Problems arise in dating and relationships because we want the other person to be like us. We need to realize, understand and appreciate our differences. Just like we appreciate the sun and the moon. They are different, but both amazing. We need the dark and the light to survive. Our differences are a perfect balance of positive and negative; light and dark.

You are the ultimate feminine Goddess, naturally. Feminine energy is receptive and masculine energy is giving by nature.  Just look at our physical bodies. The differences in our sexual body parts, is an outward or inward indicator of how we are in general.  Men have penises and are very outward. Very yang. Aggressive, dominant, action oriented, focused and all of those other manly things.

Women by nature are more internal, or ying. Women are also more heart centered than men. We are sexually receptive to men. Men give and women receive. Physically men give to us, and go inside of us, when we are making love. His masculine energy literally goes inside of us, and at the same time we go even deeper into ourselves. We connect with our insides, our hearts and our feelings even more when we are stimulated there.

Women in their receptive feminine nature are mysterious. We are internal, the opposite of men and they are intrigued by our inner workings.  They love the receptive or ying energy of feminine Goddess women. We are the energetically negative and the men are energetically positive. Knowing this secret is the first step to attracting a man. Or lots of men. Check some out here on match.com.

When we get in our masculine or yang energy by too much action: giving too much doing too much and saying too much, we are being outward and masculine. This pushes them away. We are being the givers and doers and leaving nothing for the man to do. This also makes him more in his receptive feminine energy.  This is not where a man wants to be. This principal of opposites attracting one another, is also a principal of dating and relationships. When we are too yang, it pushes and repels men in the opposite direction.

When we act like a man we repel them, because we are not in our feminine nature. When we are in our receptive feminine Goddess selves, we are much more powerful. When we are receptive to a man instead of being like a man, they are attracted to us. When we give too much we can feel like a doormat, not a Goddess.

There are lots of secrets inside of every woman and when we allow a man to come to us and discover our mysteries one by one, things can only get better. By dating you will learn the art of receiving and learn to receptive. Get out there and start dating!