There are things in your mind you can change to help you attract true love that can improve your love life forever.

There are myths you tell yourself that stop you from learning the keys of how to attract true love.

It is true that divorce rate has dramatically risen since Neil Armstrong put a flag on the moon. The nuclear family isn’t what everyone has anymore.

There are single moms, step-parents, live-ins, boyfriends that come and go, half-brothers, third marriages with more children, and everything in between. . . . The list goes on and on.

A relationship is more complicated than politics, and it seems like we will never sort that all out. Sorting it out is part of the fun and your growth.

The things that complicate our relationships and make them rotten start in our minds, and I’m going to start by blaming the movies.

Romantic comedies are pretty predictable. Two people that are challenged in the romance department bump into each other in a department store make goo-goo eyes and go on a fabulous first date.

The couple goes through some emotional roller coaster that makes you wonder if they will ever make it, and of course, they do.

The actors seemingly attract true love and live happily ever after.

Real life doesn’t always work out that way, but our subconscious minds tell us that our lives should be like the movies. Perfect.

Prince Charming is what all the girls dream of, and if a man doesn’t sweep us off our feet after the first date, then well— It’s over. We write him off and move onto the next swipe.

There are plenty of fishes in the single sea and you have your pick of first dates.

You Will Never Attract True Love And Keep It If You Believe A Man Should Know What You Want

I was on a first date and was wondering if the guy would open the door for me when he picked me up to head to a restaurant.

My mental clock started ticking as I dug around in my purse like I had a penny I had to find right now. I was killing time to give him a chance to figure it out.

Of course, there never was a penny, and of course, he didn’t open my door, and that’s OK.

He did, however, put change in the meter, looked at his phone, looked in his wallet, and finally opened the driver’s side door, stuck his head in and said,” So, are you coming?”

I said, “I was just wondering if you were going to open the door for me.” He was obviously embarrassed and said, “Oh my gosh!” scurried over to my door, and opened it for me.

Ever since then he opened every door, pulled out my chair and was chivalrous. I appreciated him every time he used good manners. If you are a feminine woman who can receive from him he will love to pull out your chair.

He just didn’t know any better the first time around

I was hoping he would get it with his intuition, but he didn’t. He had been married, divorced with kids and probably have hands too full of groceries and diaper bags to open the door for his wife.

Telling a man what you like an want will get you much farther then hoping he will guess. Being authentic with yourself will help you attract true love.

To get our needs met, we need to let a man know what we like, and what we don’t want because he is not a mind-reader. He’s a man and doesn’t know what is going on in your mind unless you tell him.

Craig Malkin a clinical psychologist, and instructor of psychology at Harvard Medical School said researchers segment the perceptions of people’s relationship behaviors are scaled from “destiny beliefs” and “growth benefits.”

It Makes It Hard To Attract True Loving Thinking The Only Way It Works If A Man Sweeps You Off Your Feet.

This destiny belief mentality loves romantic myths keep you from attracting true love

  • Love at first sight
    Love will conquer all
    The idea that one perfect person is your one and only soul mate
    My love life is already mapped out for me

Then there are the growth believers, and these people understand that love takes work, and people need to better themselves to make their relationships flourish.

The people who have happier lengthy relationships keep on trucking because they know that it takes commitment to make it work for the long term. Doing the work will help you have an emotional bond with a man.

I Lost My Soul Mate I Will Never Attract True Love Again

When you have the thought that there is only one soul mate for you, this can hold you back from finding love.

Then if you think you lose a boyfriend or husband your feelings can spiral out of control, and make you feel like you have no control over your love life and you will never find another man like him again.

Myths like these can cause depression, and I hope if you ever feel like this you get the help you need. You can get help from this video.

In the movies, love is found in a short one hour and 58 minutes. And that’s not enough time to have to messiness in Hollywood romance.

So let go of love at first sight, because when you think you feel it, you are feeling lust and maybe not love.

And believe there isn’t just one man that is right for you; there are many that could be a perfect fit and you can learn how to make him fall in love with you.

So if a man doesn’t sweep you off your feet on the first date, give him a second chance, and he might surprise you with his charms the second time around.