Bad online dating experiences? Don’t kill the messenger.

If you’ve gotten no dates, or if you’ve gotten very few dates, and they were all

bad online dating experiences

Don’t kill the messenger.

Your bad date was sent to you for a reason.

Your bad online date is a messenger brought to you from the universe. He was brought into your experience for some reason

Everything happens for a reason, even if you have no idea why this man is sitting across from you with his finger in his ear over sandwiches. He has no idea about what a woman like you wants, needs and deserves but he has got something to tell you. If you are just divorced and new to dating, learn how to be friends with your ex too.

You might not want to listen because he is grossing you out, but it’s only an hour of your life, so I’m guessing you can handle 58 (what may seem like very long) more minutes. You were so hungry before you met him you are still actually hungry, although you won’t be shaking his hand after his bad table manners.

But until then, I want you to look at the bad online dating experiences as a way to help you get clear. He is here to tell you something, what is it? I’m going to lie out some examples of what his message to you is all about.

If you are on a bad first date with a man and he is

       Bad First Date Experience                What you can take away from the date

  •  Older looking than his pictures           Dating an older man isn’t a bad idea
  • Grosses you out                                           You need to get more clear on what you want
  •  Snaps his fingers at the waitress             I can work on my boundaries with this schmuck
  • He is rude to you                                     You need to love yourself more.
  • He’s not as fit  as you thought               I better renew my gym membership

These are all indicators that you are still need to experience the differences of what you don’t want so that you can get really clear on what you DO want, and you might as well look good and feel good. Find out how to be more attractive according to these tweeters.

When we don’t feel good about ourselves, people who are on the same wavelength are brought into our experience. So if he’s got a belly, look at your own belly, are you as in good of shape as you want your partner to be?

monkey in the mirror

People are often mirrors for us, and if you have bad online dating experiences, then you may need to be more accepting and loving with yourself too.

We are here on the planet to grow, to play and evolve and we will never stop wanting, because that is how we grow, and growing is fun. Embrace it!

Change is just part of our experience. If we always got everything we wanted right this second, there wouldn’t be any anticipation, and that sure would be boring. Oh I want that. There it is. Oh and I want that too. Oh look there it is. I always get everything I want exactly when I want it. This really isn’t that fun. But don’t make these EPIC Online Dating Mistakes.

So embrace the differences in your life and in your dates.

And when you leave him you don’t have to give him a good night kiss or even a hug if you don’t feel like it, but please do yourself a favor and appreciate the experience. You can learn something even from a bad online dating experience, you learn more about men, what you do want, and you will even learn something about yourself.

I’m an advocate of dating lots of people, especially if you have ever been a doormat or have low self-esteem, because it will be easier for you that way. You might as well have a good laugh and you can share you bad date stories here!