I have written 100’s of profiles for men online to show their best traits, and one thing I see is a confusion of roles. A lot of men are consider themselves to be alpha, but yet… want to be chased by women.

It’s an interesting dynamic that is shifting in our culture.

There are clients who tell me they are dying to know how to become an alpha male and I’ve come up with 9 tips to get you pointed in the right direction to scoop up the hot girly babe you’ve been dreaming about.

8 Steps on How To Become An Alpha Male

  1. Stand tall

This seems like it would be a given, but so many men still in the dark. Posture shows the world that you are a man’s man and not the hunchback of Notre Dame. Rock your masculine energy and lure in the ladies. If you are short it will make you appear even bigger.

Many tall men end up slouching because they have to look down at people. Sit your butt down or learn over the bar with good posture when you are meeting a fine woman at the club. Whatever you do, do not slouch.

  1. Chest out

Another posture tip: Take a deep breath in and see where your chest goes. Practice this in the mirror and see what you look like when you are standing tall with your back straight and chest out. I’m sure you look more attractive.

Good posture equals confidence and we can all use more of that.

  1. Don’t fidget.

When you’re antsy it makes you look like you are nervous. Keep any twitches, nervous ticks and bouncy knees at bay. I have a friend who has Tourette’s syndrome and even he has learned to keep the twitches as bay with martial arts training. If he can stop the incessant swearing and tongue clicking so can you.

  1. Dress sharp.

When you dress to kill on the outside, if makes you feel like a man on the inside and the ladies will like it. You don’t have to spend a million bucks in a high-end store, hit up auction sites and thrift stores if you’re on a budget. Get a couple nice pieces you can mix and match.

  1. Make decisions

An alpha guy doesn’t sound like a momma’s boy. “I don’t care where we eat honey, I’ll eat anything. Whatever you want to do.”

An alpha guy says, “I know a great sushi bar, ready for some spicy tuna?” Have some preferences and figure out what it is you really like.

Alpha guys don’t have time for wishy-washy.

  1. Make the call.

When you get a woman’s number use it. Don’t be afraid to call her She gave it to you for a reason. But don’t bro out on her. Have something to say and script it out before hand if you need to. She’ll never see you looking at your notes.

  1. Talk to all kinds of women without worrying about the outcome.

If you see a beautiful woman go up and talk to her. There is chance of about .0001% that she will bite you in public, but you’ll never get the chance at her behind closed-door nibbles if you don’t make the first move.

If you want to know how to be an alpha male, you have to start somewhere and today is your day to start. Being alpha doesn’t mean being a jerk. You can still be yourself, and every day you can get better and better, and the girls will notice.

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