You went on a date, and it was just amazing. He asked you questions about your life, and both your parents got married on your mother’s birthday. You felt connected and you had so much in common. When you were with him you felt something, and it felt really good. When he walked you to your car he went in for the kiss and you almost fell over because you felt like that was the kiss you had been waiting for all of your life.

He texted you the next morning and said he had a great time and asked you out again for next Friday For the rest of the week he called. He texted. It was flirty and sexy and fun. This is next date is going to be good. Wouldn’t you know the second date was better than the first?

You laughed and smiled and you felt like a million bucks.

This could be the one. You made out for hours after dinner, but didn’t let it go to far. He went home and you were filled with excitement and couldn’t even sleep that night. Have a laugh with these awful kissing stories.

You wake up to get ready for work anticipating a sweet flirty text form this new potential partner… you shower… you look at your phone… you dry your hair… you make coffee… you look at your phone again… you eat breakfast…you brush your teeth… you walk the dog… you keep your phone in your hand, just in case. You go to work… you come home from work… you go to sleep crying, because you didn’t hear from him. Learn some new foreplay tips before you get your next beau.

This is rejection at its worst.

Rejection is one of the top 10 fears in the world, and with good reason, because rejection sucks more than a Dyson vacuum cleaner. But, just because something sucks doesn’t mean it’s not working for you highest good. Dating has its ups and downs and when you are down the opposite is also available to you, you just have to kinda flip it. It takes practice but you can do it.

Sometimes rejection is protection from something more than you could ever possibly understand. Even though try as you might. You try and figure something out. You analyze. You make stories up in your head as to why he didn’t call. You try and twist yourself around, and you might even ask him why he didn’t call or text, and you still never hear from him ever ever again. Had some bad dates? Forget about it!

The universe is conspiring to shower you with blessings.

Although you may not understand why it’s happening this way, the law of attraction is at work. When things hurt, you send out the intention of NOT wanting to feel like this anymore. Sending out this energy helps you get clear on what you want. When you know what you want the in your love life, the law of attraction will help bring things to you. As long as you feel good about it.

This is the time to get clear on what you do want.

How do you want to feel? What is it you are looking for? Take out a paper and pen and take the time to figure out what you really do want. Do you want to get married? Have a short-term boyfriend? A guy who is interested in tantra? A partner who wants to travel the world? Someone to cuddle up with on Saturday night? Ready for Love? Don’t be a pushover!

Get clear with what you are looking for, and then be excited and know that it is in your future. When it comes to the law of attraction and love you don’t have to do all the work. Your work is to feel good and don’t put a face on the person, or make an exact time frame of when it is supposed to happen. Just relax and trust. You are the creator of your life, what are you going to create? I just know it will be EPIC! Stay tuned for more EPIC Dating, Love and Relationship advice for women from Dina Z Colada!