You need to learn to be irresistible if you’ve been hard on yourself. Just because you are still single, doesn’t mean you are worthless.

May women put themselves in a self-esteem trap. Your age doesn’t matter— 30, 40, 50… and you think you’re too old for any man to be attracted to you.

Have you been on any online dating sites recently? There are literally thousands of men on there looking for a woman just like you. A woman who is soft and caring. A woman who wants to be with a man so she can feel like more of a woman.

So why is there an age trap?  Of course men like beautiful women, often-younger women. Even with all the programming from their friends and the media, the search for love is not a lost cause. Maybe you’re not quite ready for Mr Right. Maybe you’re ready to meet Mr Right Now.

There are men out there that are figuring out what they want, just like you. And part of the modern Goddess process is dating these men. These men are part of the solution to improving self esteem in women. Improving self esteem in you. These single men are ready to help you heal yourself while you are learning to receive and be more feminine.

It might be different than what you are used to because you are single and used to doing everything all by yourself. Your way.  It’s time to get into the flow and raise your vibration by receiving!

When you are allowing men to give to you by opening the door for you, holding your arm while you’re walking and taking you out to dinner, you are learning to relax into your feminine Goddess essence and be irresistible. Allowing and being receptive will bring out your feminine qualities tenfold.

Part of improving self esteem in women, especially in single women is all about dating, and doing lots of it. You can bring back love into your life.

When you are dating lots of men, you take your focus off of that one guy. When you are dating more than one man, it is a big boost to your self esteem. When you are receiving and being more feminine your self esteem will get higher and higher. When you are receiving, you are being in your true essence which is totally feminine.

The man you are going out to dinner with might not be Mr Perfect, but he is Mr Right Now. Mr Right Now is the perfect man for you Right Now— In the moment. That’s where you need to be.

When you’re dating Mr Right Now, you’re not worrying about your future with him. Just appreciate and receive. You deserve it. Don’t worry about him popping the question. It’s just a date. Have fun with him!