I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of bad dating advice for women in your life from your women friends, your aunt Sally, and YouTube. 

There is so much out there it can be overwhelming and you don’t know which advice is good and which advice is steering you down the wrong road.

Don’t you wish there were some good road signs in the right direction? Well… There are a few and this is one of the keepers. So pay attention ladies! You and the man that falls in love with you will appreciate all of the words that are written here today.

1 in 3 relationships start online

So if you haven’t taken the leap yet, it’s time to get your booty on there. STAT! What have you got to lose? Sleeping alone? Never sharing a meal with your lover on Sunday Morning? No hot make-out sessions?

Don’t have that 4th glass of Cabernet.

Sure it might be easier to down a whole bottle, to not feel so nervous on your first date, but if you throw all of your inhibitions out the window of his car, (along with your bra), on the way to his place that night you stand a chance to scare him before you even get to know each other. 

The halo effect and all the wine you shouldn’t have put down might make you feel like you are soul mates and will be together forever, but when you wake up the next morning and see 15 cats sleeping on his bed, you might have second thoughts. Especially if you don’t even remember what happened. 

Don’t become Facebook friends too soon. 

You don’t need to invite him to your Pinterest page to see all of your crochet creations… just yet. Make him wait before you show him your slip stitch or any pictures of it. 

Pay attention to his actions.


Words say a lot and actions speak pages of wikis. If he says he will see you next week and flakes on setting something up with you, don’t keep the following week open hoping he will come through next time. 

Keep doing your thing and don’t do him— even if he is sexy as hell. 

Don’t blow up his phone.

Texting can be loads of fun, and so can flirty late-night phone calls. But too much too soon can sabotage a good thing. Imagine him lying in bed hoping and wishing he was talking to you while you’re in your pajamas. 

Let his imagination run wild. He can think about you in your sink panties while you are on your period in your most comfy flannel unflattering PJs.

The anticipation is fun for him, and you can embrace the waiting too. Masculine men love to pursue a feminine receptive woman, and if you make him wait you are doing him a favor by leaving some mystery for him to uncover. 

Half of the fun of falling in love is wondering what he will be like, and what you will be like when you are together. Embrace the newness. Savor the wondering and let him go crazy thinking about what it will be like to be with you.