Humor is the best medicine especially after you’ve gone on a doozie of a bad date. So don’t take life to seriously. These men are worse than any creamy filled white sugar, hydrogenated oil, white flour mini tire.

You’re on a date with Joedad13 and there are a few signs that you may not know about. Be open-minded when you are dating, but keep an eye out for the dating red flags for women. There’s no need to throw your drink on him, but don’t waste another minute of your precious time.

1. He mentions, botox, braces or breast implants.

This kind of guy is clearly looking for a barbie doll, and unless you want to be a trophy wife and like that kind of thing, then steer clear and forget his number, and whatever you don’t let him walk on you.

2. You feel like a dummy on a date with a smart phone.

He is totally ignoring you. Facebook notifications about a second cousin’s wedding are more important than the conversation you were having. Unless he’s checking with the babysitter, get used to the idea of playing second fiddle to electronics if you choose to see him again.

3. The past is his present.

If his ex comes up in the conversation and he doesn’t drop it. That’s a pretty good Indicator that he’s not really over his ex. He feels like something is missing and you can complete him. You my friend, are the rebound girl.

4. He talks too much… about himself.

He asks you why you don’t ask him questions. You don’t need to ask because he hasn’t stopped talking about himself. This is a clear sign of being a narcissist.

5. He invites you to a very expensive restaurant.

Smiles are exchanged as he orders $120 bottle of wine, several appetizers, entrees and desserts all without consulting you on your preference. When the bill comes he asks if you can split the check. This is a clear indicator that he is a user and is more than ready to use you. What are you thoughts on love today?

6. He talks about all of his short term girlfriends.

Sally, Jenny, Jamica, Sam, Jenny #2, Mandy and Skye were great gals he crooned.This is a signal that he might have commitment issues or really isn’t ready to settle down anytime soon. If you are looking to get married, you might want to check your online dating app when you’re in the bathroom.

7. He is rude to the barista.

When his skinny latte apparently has whole milk and he tells you the gal at the counter is “stupid” you might want to chug your chai and make a speedy getaway, before you become a target of any name calling.

8. You get a good morning text.

The next morning he texts you a message, “I had such a great time with you last night and was thinking about you this morning!” This puts a smile on your face until you get part two: a picture of him below the belt.

9. He talks about diamond swords.

A lot. If he talks about video games like they are the center of his life, then this man maybe hasn’t really grown up and still has dirty socks all over his apartment alongside empty fast food bags and overfilled ashtrays.

10. Robin, Fred, and Gary are his best friends.

man cross arms

If he tells you about well-researched sex statistics he heard from Benjy, then he probably listens to Howard Stern and there is a possibility that he is completely brainwashed.

When you are dating, it is good to do your homework and keep an eye out for red flags. But the most important thing to do is to let your hair down, have fun and accept every situation as a great gift. Because when you get to see what you don’t want, you get more clear on what you do want. It’s time for you to have the EPIC love that you deserve. Learn how to get clear and centered to help you find what you really want with this amazing new app!