When I was online dating I received a message from a guy living in Boston. I wasn’t too impressed with his pictures. He wasn’t completely bad looking, but he was no Brad Pitt either.

He sent me this message: “What a great–and-well-written–profile. Funny. Learned. Arousing, too, even. Cheers for the great read.” –C. (I will keep his name hidden to protect the innocent).

I told him that I write profiles professionally.

I’m proud of what I’ve learned about men and women and the way we can communicate effectively with one another. I’ve gotten lots of testimonials from clients all over the world about their online profile rewrites. I don’t have them on my website yet, I’m still in the process. Here are just a few.

Dating Site Profile Testimonials

-“Dinacolada’s carefully designed questionnaire, help her better understand you and create great summary of you and your personality. Your profile picture is one thing, but how your present yourself is another. If you are struggling with you dating profile dinacolada is your go-to person.”

-“Best way to make a lame profile awesome!”

-“Excellent. Added the perfect amount of polish to my profile to make it dramatically better, but still kept the writing style in line with my old profile. Highly recommended!”

These testimonials were not from professional writers from the New York Times Review (one of his other gigs).

They were people just like you.

People who are looking for love, looking for romance or just looking to make a connection with someone new. We all want somebody to love.

Mr C. sent me his website, which was basically his resume. Seeing his resume didn’t inspire me to date him, but it did inspire me to collaborate writing with him. I wouldn’t mind writing for Rolling Stone, (one of the magazines he has written for), but my writing dreams are more along the lines of Cosmopolitan, not World Literature Today.

I sent him the link to my site, and said, “But whatever you do, don’t read the sassy sexy dating toolkit for women. It’s horrible! Seriously. It’s so far down on the bucket list.”

I know my site and toolkit need editing. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I am in the process of redoing my entire site, and it doesn’t happen in one day because I put my heart into what I do. Empires aren’t built in a day.

Here was his response after seeing my website.… “That is unbelievably awful. Wow. Do not call yourself a writer.”

I was livid. I was pissed off. How could someone be so rude? Seriously. I was so bent out of shape about what he had said about me!

Then I got quiet and thought about what he said. I know my front page of my website is out of date, and my book really does need an update (something I had already been thinking about, since it was 3 years old). I’ve been thinking about this for months. And he helped me get more clarity.

My website isn’t perfect, but what is important is the message on the pages inside.

It doesn’t really matter what this guy thinks of me. What matters is how I feel about myself and my service. I could have been mean back to him, but an eye for an eye doesn’t do anyone a bit of good and I want a reason to wear a cute pair of sunglasses.


But I will however, add his review to my testimonials page, because I think it’s pretty funny and it makes my heart sing just thinking about it.

New York Times Book Reviewer says -

“What a great–and-well-written–profile. Funny. Learned. Arousing, too, even. Cheers for the great read.”

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