Do you have unrealistic relationship expectations in your dating life? Even when you don’t really have a relationship yet?

Have you ever started chatting with man online and you thought that he was the one?

Not having healthy relationship expectations is a tough place to be in…

After you spoke with him on the phone you thought he definitely was the one?

Then he started texting you and then you really started having unrealistic expectations?

Then you met him for your first coffee date and you knew he was the one.

coffee date

But you can’t be sure after just one coffee…

The way you laughed when he said something funny was just magical. You felt like he understood you. The way he looked into your eyes over brunch was almost too good to be true? He was your knight in shining armor, and he could be… after some time to get to know each other. 

Going on dates, having phone calls, connecting for more than one day is more reasonable expectations for a relationship when you’ve just met. 

Are my expectations of my boyfriend too high?

If you think it’s true love after…

  • One email.
  • One text.
  • One phone call.
  • One cup of coffee.
  • A one night stand

One of these does not make a potential guy the one.

When a man shows up and follows through, he can become your one. 

It is so hard to have realistic relationship expectations and pull in the reigns when chemistry takes you over.

You feel that connection. And it feels so good, he must be the one.

One of my best friends spent the evening with a man, and now they have been together every day since.

But that is the exception, not the rule.

When you have unrealistic expectations you are setting yourself up for disaster. Believe me, I know from personal experience.

You can also take these unrealistic expectations, and turn them around for your benefit. Amazing, right?

It’s time to get a better handle on relationship perspectives

Here is a simple technique for you to release unrealistic expectations. Do yourself a favor and take a minute to do it right now!

Here’s a simple way to let go of a guy you put on too many expectations on too soon.

Get out a pen.

Get out some paper.

Get out your scissors.

Draw a stick figure of yourself and write your name underneath.

Draw a stick figure of the man with whom you have expectations, and write his name underneath. Then close your eyes and ask for strength from God, source, the universe, angels, your guides, or anyone or anything else that can help you.

Now surround yourself with Golden light. This is source light and it is part of you. Get the scissors and cut the space in between you.

Physically cut the drawing of you and him in half.

Getting rid of expectations can be hard…

This might hurt and you might cry. You might not want to let go. Let the tears flow as you release him and you release yourself. Allow yourself to cut him out of your life without expectations.

Say with resolve. β€œI release you so that you may reach your highest potential. And you release me so that I may reach my highest potential. All is well and this is for the highest good for both of us.

Asking for help isn’t t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength.

Doing this exercise is about being open to change, and releasing unrealistic expectations of someone else. It’s a great dating habit of keeping an open mind and keeping your options open too. 

Learning how to have realistic relationship expectations when you’re dating will make you a stronger person.

will bring you back into your power. Because you are the creator of your life. It will help you embrace your power and your feminine essence. 

Feel your strength, your vulnerability, and your beauty. Don’t be afraid to cry, because it leaves plenty of room on your insides for laughter, bliss, and joy! Stay positive, let go of unrealistic expectations and you’ll be on your way to finding love that you deserve. 

Modern relationships are different than ever before and you can create one that you love.