Did you know about the five love languages before today? Well, if not, you are gonna be lucky-in-love (and get to know yourself a little better. There are five types of love languages: 

  • words of affirmation
  • acts of service
  • receiving gifts
  • physical touch
  • quality time. 

Most people have a mix of all of them but you might also have one that’s not listed.

There are so many different versions of love language quizzes available online for you to take todiscover more about yourself. The most popular quiz is at 5 Love Languages

And at Cosmo Check those out so you can see which love languages are the most important to you and which are the least important. 

It’s imparative to be aware of your top priority love languages. 

This way you know how to communicate with future partners about what things you need to feel the most love. 

Here are descriptions of the five love languages, so you can get more familiar with what they mean. 

  1. Words of Affirmation 

If this is your top love language it means what your partner says to you makes you feel really good. 

Some examples are: receiving love letters, being told how proud they are of you, showering you with compliments, telling you they love you, and so on. Gimme the words honey, and I’ll love you even more!

  1. Acts of Service 

If this is your top love language it means you really appreciate it when your partner does things for you. This could be shown by washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, fixing your car, or planning a date. Yeah for that one!

  1. Receiving Gifts 

If this is your top love language it means you feel the most loved when your partner gives you gifts. That could be anything from picking you flowers on the way home from work, or buying you a new pair of earrings that you adore. Even a card tucked away somewhere you weren’t expecting. 

  1. Physical Touch 

If this is your top love language it means you love consistent physical affection. This can be shown by holding hands, back massages, cuddling, hugs, kisses on the cheek, etc. Touchy feels are making my heart gush!

  1. Quality Time 

If this is your number one   love language it means you really appreciate time with your partner. For example, going grocery shopping together, going for a walk, cooking a meal together, or going on a dinner date. Or all of the above. Having your beloved in your presence makes your heart swoon!

Whatever your top love languages are, they’re crucial for developing and maintaining healthy relationships. You may realize, looking back on past relationships, what love languages you were lacking and what you received more of that didn’t get your motor running. 

 That’s why it’s so important to learn about your love languages! 

There are I ther ways to discover more about yourself, before getting into a relationship, is by becoming truly happy on your own and not relying on another person for happiness. This article will help you learn what makes you happy, so you can become more prepared for any future relationship,

Now, if you are someone that is already in a relationship, you can still benefit from learning about love languages! 

You and your partner can both learn about each other’s love language and incorporate them more into your lives. It’s a perfect start to improving ANY relationship. Read this article to find more ways to improve YOUR LOVE LIFE.