How many times have you looked up into the ether and said you want to win a million dollars or that you would love your perfect man to enter your life? Have you ever then sighed wistfully and thought if only?

If your life is barren of any romantic gestures and you have almost forgotten how to flirt with any gorgeous other, then maybe you are putting emotional barriers up and blocking out that dream man from entering your life?

You may be surprised as to how often that happens. Of course, you might also be wishing for the wrong type of man or at the very least not being clear about when you send out your romantic wishes. The law of attraction is a very powerful resource which attracts like to like, so it’s very important that you are very specific in your romantic request.

Do you know the type of person you are looking for? Are you even ready to embrace the man of your dreams?  Just remember the law of attraction will give you less than accurate results if even you are not sure of what you really need. If you are into online dating, then you can even tap into the law of attraction when doing your searches.

You might be totally flexible in terms of looks and no-one is asking you to imagine your perfect partner, but you will know at least the qualities that you are looking for. Each night send out very clear thoughts about the type of man that you would like to meet . If you really desire a man who is kind, passionate and totally considerate with the woman in his life, just make sure that you specify this.

It can make it easier to write down a list of attributes (and yes, you might feel silly but it really is worth a try). Often, the law of attraction really does work when you tap into its powers so get writing. Don’t just write one word responses on your list; instead write out sentences that really frame your desires.

Don’t be wishy washy about it and don’t be shy. If you want him to be over 5 ft 11 and have a muscular and chiseled frame, then write that down. If you want him to be the most positive and caring man that you have ever met and who is not afraid to cry during sad films, then write that down too.

You have to have a sense of belief in the power of the law of attraction for it to work properly; at the very least you have to believe that there is some universal power at work, even if you don’t understand it.


If you really do wish to find your dream partner and why wouldn’t you if the relationship was truly right for you? Then do yourself a favor, and have a good think about what you currently need in your life and where you are at in your own skin. If you have suffered a romantic trauma for example, then you might not be ready for your Mr. Right just yet.

You can’t rush any healing process of a broken heart, but there may be various types of people who are good for you right now. We have already established that the law of attraction provides you with the things that you need right now and this is why you need to establish your true needs and to open yourself up to all of the good things in life.

We all want a wonderful relationship but if you use the power of attraction, you need to put significant thought, will and energy into making it happen. Obviously conjuring up the love of your life is pretty significant and it is not going to happen overnight, but when you let down the barriers and realize that you deserve someone special, then things start to happen.

You may well open yourself up to a different type of perfect man for example and allow him to get closer whereas before, you may have deemed him too nice. But don’t you deserve a nice man?

The law of attraction can be used to enrich your life in many ways, so put caution to one side and ask for whatever it is that will make you happy but don’t be surprised if your perfect man suddenly enters your life. Just remember to thank the energy of the universe.Sarah Williams is a busy full-time dating adviser. Her mission is to help busy men and women of all ages create a sexier, stronger, body and mind, and find true fulfillment from social interactions. You can connect with Sarah on Wingman Magazine.