I am super excited about the EPIC Love I have in my life, and everything in it. Especially you! I want to share with you my excitement of the day. It’s people like you, who are doing their best to figure out how you can make your life EPIC. In life, in love, in your job, your friends, your pets, your home.

A new reader from the Philippines asked me… What is EPIC Love? EPIC Love is the energy that makes the world go around. This Love is there for each and every one of us. It is our connection to the divine. EPIC Love is something that words can only barely describe. Having EPIC Love is all about doing whatever it is that makes you feel good.  When you feel good is when things get really good. Even rejection can be Love.

EPIC Love is a feeling. It is a knowing. It is in your life already, but you just have to be quiet enough to get a sense of it. It’s about slowing down your brain and connecting to your heart. Because your heart beats for you every day and this in itself is a miracle. YOU my friend ARE EPIC. EPIC Love to be exact. Because you are here aren’t you?

EPIC Love is majestic, magnificent, obtainable, sweet, and oftentimes quiet. When the winter-blooming witch hazel bush greets me with beautiful smelling flower in my driveway, it doesn’t have a drum roll when it’s spider-like blooms fill the air with its sweet scent. It is totally quiet, but still EPIC. Even when you want to keep him interested, you can be quiet.

EPIC Love is available to every person no matter where you are right now, and no matter how you feel about yourself today. You can be your own hero. Your own superstar. When you create this EPIC Love for yourself, you can deliberately create your life exactly the way you want it to be.

So stay tuned for more EPIC Good Vibes!

Take a minute to revel in the good things that are in your life today. This is key.

Tune into your heart

Appreciate where you are and…

Give yourself a little love.

You can start with just a little if you’re not used to loving yourself. Love yourself a little more each day and it will get easier and easier. ‘

The more you love yourself, the more open you become to being your most EPIC-Self!

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