Whether you’ve just started looking for your soul mate or you’ve been trying to find a date on a site for quite some time, there are a few situations you need to be prepared for if you wish to have a healthy relationship. And you want to know… when does it go from dating to relationship? A real lasting, meaningful one?

Although the relationship itself is the most important part of anyone’s love life, our dating process also plays a big part in our future happiness. In that name, here are the top five crucial moments in your romantic endeavors that you need to watch out for.

1. The First Date

Don’t be fooled — first impressions matter. A lot. Upon meeting someone for the first time, the things you initially notice will bury themselves so deep in your brain that it will be very hard for them to change as time goes on. Connecting with a man on a deep vulnerable feminine level will make him never forget you.

Naturally, this applies to everyone, which means you should take extra care when it comes to going on first dates, especially if you’ve already seen the person and you think you might have a shot at happiness with them.

2. The Follow—Through


The next important moment is actually the day after the first date. If the person you went on a date with left a good first impression on you and you’re confident that you’ve passed the same test with flying colors, it’s time to check if this person is someone worth your while.

Send them a text the next morning and tell them what a great time you had, and you hope to do it again sometime.

3. Having Sex For The First Time

As you probably already know, sex is a giant part of any relationship, as its timing and circumstances can define a relationship’s future better than many other things.

This and other reasons is why the first time you have sex with someone plays such a big role. It exposes both sides of the relationship and brings them closer than ever, which in turn shows if they are compatible and if real passion and chemistry actually exists.

A man can have sex without feeling love, and if he has take you home to mom kind of feelings, these can intensify his feelings for you, but won’t make them change if he is just wanting to have sex. And if he has more serious feelings, you can enhance them with sex.

4. Meeting The Family


Another big moment for any relationship is when one partner decides to introduce their significant other to their family. Not only is this important for the couple, but it also lays the foundation for any future progress the relationship makes, but it doesn’t mean you are exclusive if this happens.

Meeting your partner’s parents and/or siblings for the first time is very similar to that first date. The impression you leave on them will reflect upon your partner and will signify if the road ahead will be easy or difficult for your relationship, depending on whether your future in-laws like you or not.

Being in a relationship where the possible-future-in-laws hate your guts can make your possible relationship rough.

5. Your First Screw-Up

We all make mistakes — it’s only human. But it’s the first big mistake you make in a relationship that will be the biggest make-it-or-break-it moment in that romantic endeavor.

It doesn’t matter what you did, but it’s how you handle the situation after you’ve screwed up that will play the most important part. Instead of defending yourself and insisting that you did nothing wrong, be humble and admit to your errors — only then will your partner see that you’re imperfect and that it’s something they’ll have to get used to. If they fail to do that, you’re both just wasting your time.

The most important thing to move a from dating to relationship is to be authentic, forgiving and have clear boundaries all at the same time. Don’t push for things before you’ve had time to simmer and get to know each other. Your conflicts are a good indicator to how you and your potential partner will get along in the future.