Sometimes, you’ve got to take the good with the bad

I got some bad news today, and some good online dating news!

I’m going to start with the good online dating news first. This is an email I received from an online profile makeover client. She sent this two days after I sent it to her.

Thank you for rewriting my profile. I know it was sorely lacking. I never knew that having a well-written profile would help me so much when it came to men contacting me. It looks like I have a date this weekend and considering I wasn’t getting any response with my old profile I know it’s because of my new and improved one you made for me. He’s really cute too lol! Thanks so much. -K

I love what I do, and I love to read this kind of email from my clients; it makes my work even more satisfying. Ahhh… we are the lucky generation who gets to have fun with online dating!

And I got some not-so-great-news… My car started running funny. I opened the hood and noticed I forgot to put the oil cap on my car, so I took it to the shop and they said my car blew a cylinder. It went from a tiny 4-cylinder engine to an even smaller 3 cylinder one. I really drive like a grandma now. But that’s OK. When things like this happen, we can make a story up about it and somehow relate it to our own lives.

My car was letting me know that it needed me to take better care of it. I see it as a sign that maybe I need to take better care of myself and slow down. Our bodies are like that. If you’re not online dating, you better hop to it!

What are you giving your body? If you want EPIC Love in your life, you have to take good care of yourself. When you take good care of yourself (like when your car has regular maintenance, plenty of oil and gas), things work really well.

When you are taking time to eat things that make your body feel good, like fruits and veggies, get plenty of rest and exercise it will make things in your body and your life run the way they are supposed to. Smoothly for the most part. Don’t know how to communicate on a first date?

But when we hit these bumps in the road, our bodies and our feelings will tell us something isn’t quite right. If we pay attention it helps us get clearer on how we want our engines to run. So if your online dating life isn’t up to speed, you might need a tune-up.

So for the lucky ones who are reading this… you will have even more good online dating news.  More dates. Better Dates and EPIC Love. Because I have a very special offer for you… You will not believe it!

Get a makeover for only 25 bucks! This is your lucky day!