Five Simple Tips on How To Attract a Man

Are you having trouble figuring out how to attract a man? Do you feel like you’ve lost your touch and don’t know how to attract men anymore? Men can be tricky and confusing to read sometimes. It’s hard to know exactly what a man wants.

But if you’ve got your eye on someone or are still looking, there are ways to further attract him. Read these five simple tips on how to attract a man and make him want you.


Smiling is one of the ways to attract a guy because you look your best when you are happy. If you’re always walking around with a scowl on your face, he will be hesitant when you approach him or too intimidated to approach you. What a man wants is someone happy, relaxed, and down to have a good time.

According to Today, author Tina Tinessa says, “Go to places that make you happy, where men happen to be.” Doing this will help you attract a guy because he will see you having a good time and will want to get to know you. It will form a nice impression of yourself as fun-loving and easy going. This is what a man wants when looking for a woman.


Everyone knows flirting is the oldest trick in the book on how to attract a man. But usually, when people think of flirting what comes to mind is being all over him and being super obvious you’re trying to attract him. But this is not what men find attractive.

Flirt in a subtle way. The best known way of flirting is eye contact. Making eye contact with him while he’s talking lets him know you are interested in him. It shows him know you care about what he has to say. Even making eye contact from across the room a few times can go a long ways to attract a guy.

What a man wants is to feel noticed by you. Laugh when he says something funny. Always smile at him. Also, touching him on the arm or back every now and then is a subtle way of letting him know you’re interested.

Be Aware of Body Language

You may not know exactly what to say to attract a man, but that’s okay because a lot of it depends on your body language. You need to look comfortable and confident when talking to him. That is what attracts a man.

Having your arms crossed around your chest or turning your body away from him are examples of bad body language. It makes you look closed off and awkward.

Mimicking his position is proven as a good way to attract him because it’ll make him feel more relaxed. The best ways to attract a guy with body language is; talking with your hands, playing with your hair, and pointing your body towards him.

Take Care of Yourself

Obviously, your looks have a lot to do with how to attract men. What attracts men is a girl who takes care of herself no matter what. No guy wants a girl who looks like they don’t care for themselves.

Always brush your teeth and put deodorant on. Before you leave in the morning, put on something that fits your body well. Brush your hair, and put a little makeup on. Wear what makes you feel good. Working out and eating healthy are two ways to attract a guy also.

Not saying you have to be skinny, just be the healthiest you can be. Taking care of yourself like this everyday will also make you feel more confident about who you are. If you’re worrying about how to attract a man, start by making yourself the best you can be inside and out and he will see that.

Hangout With Your Friends Around Him

What men find attractive is someone pleasant and fun to be around. So make sure he sees you with your friends sometimes. If he always sees you alone all the time, he might think you are mean or no fun to be around so you don’t have friends.

Even if it’s just passing him in the hallway, make sure he sees you smiling and laughing with them. This will attract him because he will see how lovable you are. He will start thinking about getting to know you.