Don’t waste your time with bad dating and love advice. Instead, learn how to attract love with the law of attraction.

This universal law is powerful. It can help you learn how to attract love with the law of attraction. You can allow yourself to become a manifesting machine when you use it the right way.

If you’ve never learned how to attract love with the law of attraction, there is no better time than the present, (because that is where it all begins!).

When you live in the moment and stop worry so much about everyone else that helps. It may seem tricky— But it just takes practice.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying that like attracts like. By keeping your thoughts flowing in a positive direction is essential and this will help you remember how to attract love with the law of attraction.

Being Positive Is One Of The Keys To Knowing How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction.

By understanding this simple law— what you think about you bring about. Thinking positive thoughts surrounding love will give you the power to manifest love that you have been craving since you were a little girl.

You can have your wishes come true when you tap into this powerful way of creating what you want in your life.

Here are seven more ways to use the law of attraction to bring the partner that is perfect for you

If you want a man to come into your reality and stick around for the long-haul, you must follow these other seven laws of attraction tips.

Be Clear About What You Want In Your Dream Partner

Each relationship that fell apart in your past and the relationships that went burning down in flames are all clues about what you do want in your partner.

Some people call this baggage. I call it clarity.

Your ex who didn’t call you when he said he would call is giving you the gift of knowing that is what you do not want.

If you want a man who wants children, unlike your last boyfriend who got hives every time a child was in his vicinity, your ex-gave you a clearer vision of what you truly desire. A man who loves kids— Especially your kids.

The key to using your experience is to appreciate the lessons you learned and then let them and use them as fuel for the fire. This will help you learn How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction!

Holding onto all of the things you don’t want will also bring around exactly what you do not wish to. Yikes. That doesn’t do the trick!

Like attracts like, even if it’s something you don’t want. Saying things like “all the good men are taken,” or all men are dogs, or every man online is just like the last one you met will keep you stuck in a vicious cycle of attracting what you don’t want.

So what’s a single girl to do about this problem?

If You Want To Know How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction Write About Your Dreams

Start by making two lists. The Besties List and the Beasties List

The first list, or the besties list as I like to call it, is a list all of the traits you DO want in a partner.

When you write it out, don’t be afraid to make it as long as you want it.

I’ve connected with men that I liked who met 38 out of 40 items on my list. That is a pretty good percentage. I started writing my first list when I was dating another guy who was a great kisser. I definitely had on the rose-colored glasses after meeting him.

When I wrote out my first list of 40 items and he only had 4 of them! I realized something. He was the WRONG guy for me.

Getting what you want is possible and being clear helps you on your way of how to attract love with the law of attraction.

You don’t have to have a list of 40 things; I want you to make it as long as you want with one thing to remember.

Make A Big Law Of Attraction Besties List (As Long As You Feel Good About It).

If you get down to specifics like this that make you feel uneasy don’t put it on your list.

“He HAS to make at least a million dollars a year.”

If your feelings start to feel negative and you think that you could never meet a partner who is that financially well-off, stop writing.

Quick tip: How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction Is To Make your list more general than specific.

Instead, write,

“I would like a partner who is financially secure.”

If it feels good to write it, then that is good! If your feelings go down in the toilet when you write about something specific, take a break. Do something that feels better. Write something different that feels good.

Rewrite what doesn’t feel good about something that does feel good.

A lot of the things on your besties list will come from past experiences. Things like your ex who used the bathroom with the door open give you some good fodder to figure out what you want in your new partner.

The new amazing man you meet using the law of attraction is one who will have upstanding manners and shut the damn door.

I know about that from experience. I was dating a guy for a couple of weeks, and there were no boundaries.

I was mortified! I asked him to please close the door, and he looked at me with a confused look and said, “REALLY?” Like I was asking something rude of him.

I said,

“Really. Are you trying to turn me off?” because that was what happened.

He thought it was weird that I didn’t want to see that going on. He wanted to share everything, and I don’t like to share every aspect of myself.

Appreciate Your Ex

I prefer at least a little mystery. I’m so thankful for clarity from ex-boyfriends!

Appreciate the clarity your ex-boyfriends and husbands have given you.

Also when something doesn’t feel good to you, it will help you practice speaking your mind of what you like and don’t like.

I now know that I appreciate privacy especially when it comes to the bathroom areas.

Let’s get working on a little list action.

And if you already have a list, it’s good to update it occasionally because you are an ever-evolving being.

Here are my two personal lists

Write The Beasties List— Get It Out Of The Way

This is the list of things that you hate, drive your crazy, and you could not tolerate in your life at all!

Road rage
Anger issues
Substance abuse
Doesn’t like kids
Bad manners (doesn’t close the bathroom door)
Not seductive
Not romantic
Is an introvert
Bad communicator
Doesn’t have a dime in the bank
Is wishy-washy
Isn’t funny
Acts like a “nice guys” to get his way
Not a go-getter
Not self-motivating
Chows down on too much fast food
Doesn’t exercise
No foot fetish

OK, I could go on and on, but I’m not going to because when it comes to using the law of attraction and love, I like to keep the primary focus on what I do want.

Now Let Go Of The Beasties.

It’s time to release the Beasties and get to the good stuff.

The Besties!

These are the best of the best things that turn you on and make you good crazy.

Allow the universe to hear your deepest desires and pay attention to what you focus on.

These are the things you cherish, love, desire, crave, and just gotta have in your life. The besties are the traits that you imagine your perfect partner to have.

Esther Hicks and Abraham, (my favorite Law of Attraction Teachers) said something like; people will raise up or lower to your expectations. So expect what you want from someone based on what you expect of them.

Here Is My Personal Law Of Attraction Besties List

Super sensual
Close to my age
Likes to read
Wants to evolve in a relationship
Has his own passions

Has friends of his own, and also loves my friends
Likes the same music as me
Loves to learn more about sex
Likes learning in general
Is a little bit kinky, but not too kinky
Loves to give me massages
Knows what my body likes and follows directions and listens to what I do like
Eats healthy, but will have a dessert once in a while
Likes my family
Has a great family of his own that I adore
Picks up his socks
Helps me cook and cleanup
He likes to help me load my car
Helps with projects around the house
We share a special emotional bond
Likes the beach

My partner likes to explore the world with me
Sends me flirty text messages because he knows I love the anticipation
Lights candles when we are having a romantic night in
Picks the wine when we go out
Is kind of servers and is a good tipper
Is flexible with his travel schedule
Has a flexible schedule
Makes time for me.
Loves foreplay and teasing me
Is well groomed
Is a great cook, but loves to take me to good restaurants
Likes children, but doesn’t want any more
Is financially stable
Is willing to move
Is open minded
Is a kind alpha male
Likes to explore our relationship
Is a rock star communicator
Makes me laugh
Is kind
He is understanding
Loves my family
Brings out the best in me
Loves to please me
When we are together, it is amazing
When we are apart, we both feel secure
When we are together, it feels easy
When we are together, it feels like home
When we are together, it feels right
When we are together, it feels good
My perfect partner is loving
My perfect partner is lovable
My ideal partner loves himself and loves me

Ok, I think that about covers the basics. I’m sure I missed a couple of things, but the universe will hear what I am saying and thinking to deliver me what I want.

Now You Can Make You Besties List Into Positive Affirmations

When you have a good affirmation, it makes you feel fabulous. There is no downturn in your energy and this is a critical part of how to attract love with the law of attraction.

Be clear, concise and positive when you create your love attracting affirmations.

Make your besties list into some affirmations that are positive and make you feel terrific.

A good practice is to imagine what it will feel like when you DO meet your partner.

Law Of Attraction Love Tips Affirmations You Can Use Today!

My perfect partner loves to please me because it pleases him.

My prince charming picks out the best restaurants because he knows it turns me on when he makes dates and takes care of things for me.

My new boyfriend makes me feel sexy and comfortable. I can be open with him because he makes me feel safe.

My new man is an alpha man with a tender heart and knows how to take control in the bedroom. He teases me into oblivion all day before we even see each other.

These affirmations make me feel all juicy inside, and that is a good thing! This is how to attract love with the law of attraction— Fast!

I love being Pollyanna when it comes to manifesting anything. You can let yourself get lost in the fantasy of when this man manifests himself into your life.

Imagine every little detail and what it will feel like when you are together.

How To Attract Love Energy With A Vision Board

Create a physical vision board about the relationship that you want. Use words, beautiful pictures, your honeymoon, fit sexy men with great smiles that make your heart swoon.

Get your creative juices flowing and have a vision board party with your friends. You can all bring your favorite magazines, glue sticks, scissors, glitter, poster board and pretty stickers or any other kind of embellishments that make your heart sing.

When you want to know how to use the law of attraction to find love remember to open your heart while you imagine attracting what you want. I need to make sure this part sinks in.

Love yourself to the moon and back as much as possible this will help the right man fall in love with you.

When you love yourself, it attracts loving people into your experience. People with good vibes who also love themselves are the people you will begin to attract into your experience.

When you love yourself, it shows on the outside, and the universe listens to the love that flows in and out of your heart.

Another Way To How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction Is To Be Nice To Yourself

The universe hears it when you berate yourself or speak ill of yourself and others. Negative thinking and words will repel the right kind of man that you do want in your life and will attract the type of man that you do not wish to.

And negative thoughts will happen unless you get good at this (and it usually takes time), so don’t beat yourself up more because you had a negative thought.

When a negative thought pops up in your mind, make the conscious choice to change it to something different. Make an affirmation instead.

Something that feels better, that’s what your brain is for, it is there to listen to you. You can train your mind like a puppy.

Just talk nicely to yourself and give yourself a metaphorical cookie or a pat on the back for recognizing that you chose the right path this time and that is a BIG win for you!

When you love yourself or are learning to love yourself, it is attractive to good energy people.

Make a list of things you love about yourself, and if you are not there yet, write down ten things you at least like about yourself.

If you are just getting started on the pathway to self-love, it will take some practice. Pick out some things like this.

Write Down The Things You Love About Yourself And This Will Attract More Love

I am so proud of myself for being a fast typer.
My hair is pretty nice!
People think my eyes are captivating.
I am a fantastic mother.
My butt is amazing.
I have good style that makes me feel sexy and good about myself.
Getting organized, well— I’m getting better at it!
I am a good friend.
Cooking is something I’m good at.
I like to donate money to good causes.
Being a good communicator is another one of my good skills.
I’m a great decorator.
My kids love me.
Being a great friend.
My creativity is off the charts.
I am good at whatever I put my mind to.

Know you will succeed when you talk nicely to yourself— it makes it much easier to flirt with a man when you know how to flirt with yourself.

Light A Love Attracting Fire Under Your Butt With Your Past Experiences

Winston Churchill said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Every person in a successful relationship has had failures, but that didn’t stop them. They kept going, kept themselves positive.

If you give up, it gets you nowhere. If you keep your thoughts positive, it will get you everywhere.

Keeping yourself positive will get you what you want in your life and will help you attract love.

How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction Is To Never Give Up On Yourself Or On Love!

One of the significant problems with using the law of attraction for love is people giving up too fast.

If you are flying a plane at 500mph and it decides to go in the other direction, it won’t automatically stop, (at least not this year on planet earth that I know of).

It will have to turn around, and it doesn’t happen automatically. It makes take some time. It’s got to get headed in the right direction first.

How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction Is Change Your Thoughts To Something Better

So if you have been thinking the same thoughts for ten years like “I am not worthy,” or “there are no good men out there” these thoughts may not vanish in an instant.

They will probably come up again, and you have to thought shift often.

You are training your brain with new words, and it will take a while for the neurons to create stable pathways with new ways of thinking.

So keep yourself in a high vibration with positive thoughts to keep the love that you want heading your way.

If you want great love in your life commit yourself to getting it. Start with loving yourself first.

Using the law of attraction doesn’t mean a man will land on your doorstep you’ve also got to get in touch with your femininity.

How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction— Use My Favorite Therapy

You will have to go on what I call, “Dating Therapy.”

Dating is good for you and will give you more clarity so you can keep adding to your lists.

Failures are something to figure out and the next time around you can try something different.

Instead of focusing on relationship problems you’ve had— focus on solutions.

How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction Is To Stop Doubting Everything

We are here as creators, and some are masters and the rest of us, well— we’re still a work in progress.

Sometimes doubt creeps in when you’re looking for love. Kind of like a red sock getting washed with white towels— But pink isn’t so bad, is it?

Doubt is negative energy that keeps the positive things away. Let’s say you start dating a man and things are going great, then you realize that he is dating other people and you had already closed off your other options.

What’s a girl to do? Doubt all men in the universe? No way!

This is a sign from the universe that is telling you that he is NOT the only one out there for you, there are plenty of options. This man was a signpost on the way to where you want to be!

He probably had some pretty annoying traits that would have driven you crazy down the road, anyway. Like leaving the bathroom door open or not connecting with you when you are together.

Whenever you sense doubt creeping into your mind flip the switch to the opposite.

How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction Is To Keep Your Focus On What You Want— Not What You Don’t Have

You must tell yourself to change your mind. Because you have that power. You can change your mind from doubting that love is there for you into KNOWING love is there for you.

The possibilities are endless, and you have to focus on what you DO want, not what is in your mind denying you. Your mind is a tool you can use to your benefit or your demise.

Which way do you want things to go? You want your dreams to become a reality, right? Focus on your desires even if they haven’t manifested yet.

How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction Is To Practice Happiness

Some people think that when they find the love, they will be happier, but a man can’t make you happy, only you can.

A man can make a happy woman happier. If you are sad, that is too much responsibility for someone else to handle. Your happiness is an inside job.

How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction Write About What Makes You Happy

Love will find you when you are doing what makes your heart sing, so belt it out and sing from the mountaintops or the comfort of your shower.

Don’t wait for love to start living your fantasy life. When you live with purpose and passion that will make you a love magnet for someone who is the same way.

Be Your Besties When You Use The Law Of Attraction To Attract Love

I don’t mean your best friends either, I mean become your own personal besties list. Be what you say you are and what you want to be.

I mean everything. If you want someone who is athletic and loves himself, get your but hiking in the mountains or start doing yoga in the comfort of your own home.

Whatever traits you want in your partner, cultivate those things in yourself first.

Imagine yourself in a relationship that makes your heart sing. What are you like? Are you spontaneous? Loving? Sexy? Passionate? Giving? Healthy?

These are the things you want to become starting today and will help you attract love.

How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction Is To Be What You Want

If you wait for the relationship to manifest before you cultivate these qualities in yourself, that fast food isn’t magically going to turn into a grapefruit. You need to start being healthy first.

When you are manifesting a partner in your life, and you aren’t responsible financially— start today.

One of the things I did to save money I was a spender, not a saver, I opened an account using acorns. I love it, and my account is growing slowly but surely!

And if you sign up, you won’t probably won’t notice it when a few dollars are taken out of your account.

Just like a car that goes fast— It is stopped before it goes. It needs to gain momentum first.

Just like the law of attraction— You can’t go from A-Z in one minute. You need to go from A to B. B to C., And you never get to Z because you will always end up wanting more!

How To Attract Love With The Law Of Attraction Is To Create A Space For Love

Look at your home. Would you want your soul mate to roll up into your messy place?

Make your home a sanctuary for love.

Make it smell good with essential oils, candles, or bake some cookies. Make it cozy with beautiful fuzzy throw pillows.

Get Rid Of Things That Remind You Of Bad Times Or Make You Feel Sad

Energy also lives in old sheets. If you have the same linens from your ex-boyfriend, it is time to get some new ones. Donate the old ones.
You want to create good feelings and not be reminded of how things didn’t work out after you slept with your ex in this bed with these white sheets.

Do yourself a favor and get yourself some soft ones with a high thread count. And check out these 7 ways to attract a soul mate!

Invite Love Into Your Home With A Love Alter

I always have one of these, usually more than one. Creating a place that reminds you of love will help you remember your plan.

Your law of attraction plan to manifest love. A love alter is a place that is beautiful and sacred to you.

I love to use crystals on my love alter, candles, beautiful soft fabrics, and sets of two. Use whatever kind of things that make your heart sing. Things from nature, pictures, or anything that makes you feel grateful and happy.

Make this a beautiful area that is a constant reminder to you that you have power in your thoughts of creating the love you want in your life using the law of attractions.

Do you have room in your space when your partner shows up? If you meet a man and want him to stick around, you might want to make enough space in your sock drawer for a couple of pair of his socks. This is how to attract love with the law of attraction by using your dresser!

Is there room in your closet in case he wanted to leave a suit for work when he stays over on the weekend?

Declutter and get rid of things you don’t love or need. Get rid of the old and make way for the new!

Decluttering is part of the preparation of making space for love.

Clear out your junk drawer, get rid of you old panties, and make room in your medicine cabinet for shaving cream, a razor, and another toothbrush.

Clearing your space will lighten your load and will also make you feel lighter, freer and have more space in your home and your heart.

Declutter Your Mind And Let Go Of Control

Learning out negative thoughts you have about love, men, and yourself will help you bring in more positive things into your life.

Do whatever you can to stay positive, even when things don’t go your way.That is just today, and there is always tomorrow.

Your purpose of using the law of attraction to manifest love is to get yourself into the right space first so the universe can work its magic.

Don’t fret about when or how you will meet your soul mate— They are on their way. Get yourself ready.

Setting your intentions, clearing negative energy and creating positive energy is the most significant benefit to you when you want to attract love.

And when you get in this space don’t sit around watching Netflix expect your soul mate to deliver your pizza.

Get out there with your best self and have positive intentions of finding love.

I am lovable, and I am ready for love.

It is time to have fun, do the things you love, get out of your pajamas, and start manifesting the love you truly deserve.