It seems like it should just be easy to connect emotionally with a man, doesn’t it? But we all know sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work. Many men that have a hard time connecting with their emotions let alone yours. Most of them have been taught to suck up their feelings and not let them show. Some guys see it as a sign of weakness.

There are 3 things that are needed to really connect with a man on a deeper level.

1. Build good rapport.

What does this really mean in a relationship with a man? It’s a connection between you and him that just feels good. When you are together, how are you feeling and connecting? When you are having great rapport things just flow smoothly, and it’s fun. So let yourself be feel free and build fun memories together.

2.  Share

He will remember what a great woman you are to spend time with if you share conversation and feelings. Sharing experiences is what will help you build a true relationship. When there is shared attention, good feelings of being together, and a great non-verbal tango you have together will help him feel a deeper connection with you. This leads to deeper feelings and a sense of togetherness, and when  you are not together, he will remember what

3.  Listen

When you are with a man really listen to what he is saying verbally and with his body language. Tune into your heart (not your mind) and understand his point of view, and really listen to what he is communicating to you. When you are paying attention to each other you are building feelings together.

4.  Live In The Now.

When you are in each others presence, be present. When you are with him be your real self and be authentic. When you are together let him feel heard and seen, and let him see the real you. Tune into you feelings and don’t be afraid to share them. You will in turn feel his feelings as well, when you are in tune with yourself. These feelings are shared between the both of you and it’s not a one-way street.

5.  Try on His Shoes

Putting yourself in his shoes is a great practice to understand him and yourself even more. If he tells you a story, and you feel it, this will also make you and him feel more connected. You are building rapport with him, yourself and your relationship. This also shows through your facial expressions and your tone of voice. A warm voice coming from your most authentic inner being will warm up his heart and help him feel safe and connected.

6.  Keep Calm

Being relaxed, calm, slow moving says volumes about the way you feel and shows you are confident and sensual with yourself. Are you relaxed in your conversation? Do things seem to flow back and forth or is the whole conversation one sided? There needs to be a flow. When you are together find balance, keep the conversation rolling and don’t take it over.

You can get into the flow with your own self by getting in touch with YOU when you are alone. Embracing who you are when you are by yourself will help you feel more connected to any man you meet.  When you are with a man, don’t worry about the past or the future. Be with him and accept him for who he is. Allow your feelings and don’t stuff them down and pretend they are not there. Just keep calm and carry on. And most importantly be your most amazing self, and don’t try to be something that you are not.

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