There Are So Many Women Out There Who Want To Know How To Connect With A Man

If you don’t understand the basic principles and end up fighting your feelings, there ends up being no emotional connection with a man.

I was set up on a date by a friend of mine with someone that had a very interesting resume. I learned some fabulous blind date advice after that one.

He was a martial arts master and a previous dancer on solid gold. I loved that show when I was a kid. By our date night, he had lost the shiny gold pants and most of his hair and I took away some miraculous ideas about what not to do. 

When he told me about his current job, I thought about self-defense. 

Is this how you approach dating? Like a boxer or a linebacker? Defensively? 

Anything a man says or does— is not the right thing?

If it is, your love life will never work.

Trust me. I’ve been there and done that.

Defending yourself is the fastest way to push a man OUT of your life. Allowing emotional connection is what attracts a man to you. 

There are some roadblocks you may be unaware of that are holding you back in love. If you want to learn how to connect with a man on a deep emotionally engaging level—

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Do you keep your guard up?
  2. Do you compete with the man you’re interested in with your wit and intellect?
  3. Do you always have to be right?
  4. Are you afraid of NOT being in control?

The only real way to get into a man’s heart—is to let your defenses down.

If he can’t see the soft feminine side of you— it will become a competition with him instead of a romantic relationship. 

When you let your guard down your vulnerability goes up. This is what will make a man feel safe with you.

If you stay in your logical defensive brain it will not give a man space to enter your heart.

I want you to learn the art of emotionally “dancing” with a man.

So after you’ve created an amazing online dating profile I want to share what to do when you meet for your first date so you will stand out from a sea of women.

How To Connect With A Man By Slowing Down

What does this mean anyway? It means don’t be rushing to get to the next step as fast as possible. Everyone has their own timeline for dating, texting, and relationships. 

Men are generally much slower than women when it comes to being exclusive. Learn to be OK with that. He can lead the relationship on a time-wise basis and you lead the way with being sexual. 

You get to choose when you sleep with a guy. If you only sleep with a man you are exclusive with— Then he gets to wait until that happens. You are in charge of this important timeline. He’s probably going to want sex faster, but he can’t make you. And you can’t make him be exclusive either. And if he really wants to be with you— He will wait and when it happens— FIREWORKS!

Notice  Your Breath And What Is Going On Around You To Build Connection

When you are body aware it will help you learn to notice what is going on around all around you. If you feel nervous— Focus on your breath. Focus on your heart as well. When you are in tune you will be able to notice more subtle cues about the way you feel.

Being mindful of the current moment will also help you connect with a man on a deeper level. This happens because you will also notice things about his body language and the verbal communication that he shares with you.

Feeling yourself will make you a Goddess in his eyes.

Don’t Lead Every Conversation

Let him get the conversation started sometimes. You don’t have to be in charge of everything all the time. Let him come up with things to talk about. I don’t mean all the time and this isn’t a game. If a man is interested he will ask you questions about your life and your passions.

Silence Is Your Friend And Will Help You Connect With Him Non-Verbally

Let him wonder what you are thinking. Every second of your time spent together doesn’t have to be talking. You can learn a lot about a person when you spend time together quietly. When you do this there is something else . . .

Look Into His Eyes To Create Connection With A Man

When you look at someone intently with purpose— With the purpose of connecting— You will feel more.

People call it soul gazing and looking without talking will help you feel a connection with whoever you’re spending time with. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable though, so start slowly. Many men will say something like, “Hey why are you looking at me like that?”

And you can reply, “I like to look at you and wondering what’s going on in that head of yours.” with a smile.

When you look without talking you will stand out from a lot of other women who just talk and talk and talk. Talking helps with a connection, but it’s not the only thing that will help you understand each other emotionally.

Tell Him How You Feel Instead Of What You Are Thinking

Also getting out of your logical brain will help a man connect with you on a deeper level. Talking about how things feel instead of what you logically think of something will help you tap into your feminine receptive feeling side.

Men are generally more on the thinking analyzing side of things. When you speak to him emotionally and with feeling it will help him see you as a woman that he wants to take care of. This doesn’t mean pay your bills, it means he will want to protect you in a hero kind of way. This is a good way!

When you show him that you are open to your feelings, he will be able to let his guard down so you can actually see the real “him”.

If you’re guarded and afraid, he’ll also be guarded and afraid.

If you are open to your feelings and use the law of attraction while you’re at it—  It will help him get in touch with his feelings.

So take off the sparring pads, let him see your feelings, and put on your dancing shoes. So you will be ready for the dance of love. 

Learn to tune in to your feelings because the feelings in your heart are your guidance to real emotional connection and love with a man.