All of my top secrets are out! I spied on men at Reddit, and they spilled the beans about what drives men wild. Are you sure you want to know? Of course, you do!

And when he is driven crazy by these things you do, (not you driving him insane), that is when he will pursue you, romance you, kiss you the way you want him to kiss you, and commit to you.

I’ve gotten some info from the guys over at Reddit about what they want women to know.

woman in black tank top with her black cat

Sometimes a plain old tank top and regular panties are a huge turn-on

This means you’ve gotten to the no-pants on stage already and he doesn’t need you to look like a lingerie model 24/7. Being comfortable with what you’re wearing or not wearing is a turn-on! You don’t have to dress to impress him all the time; he’s already impressed. And he probably just wants to tear off your clothes anyway.

happy man

I’m not mad means I’m NOT MAD! Said adavis

Here’s an example of one Reddit guy’s conversation with his girlfriend.

Girlfriend: “What’s wrong?”

Guy: “Nothing.”

Girlfriend: “No, really. What’s wrong?”

Guy: “Really, nothing.”

Girlfriend: “You look upset.”

Guy: “Well, I’m not. Really. I swear there’s nothing wrong.”

Girlfriend: “Well, you know you can always talk to me about anything.”

Guy: “I appreciate that.”

Girlfriend: “…so what’s wrong?”

Guy: “Nothing.”

Girlfriend: “Come on. You can tell me.”


So if you think he’s mad, and ask him once and he says he’s not mad, then it means he’s not mad. You don’t need to ask the same question 3 more times because that can irritate him. I know It would annoy me, and I’m a laid back person.

Men are pretty obvious when they speak, so listen up. Listening is a turn on, and being repetitive is not.

Let him relax after work.

Heavy_operator said, “Sometimes we just need that downtime during the week. Maybe for an hour or so after we get home, we just need to relax.

I just spent 14 hours working my a** off. It’s not that I love you any less, I just don’t want to poison you with the stress I gained from that day.

I’ll tell you about the day if you ask, but please don’t get to me as soon as I get home. Give me those few minutes to myself to clean up, get comfortable, and drink something cool.

So don’t bombard your man the minute he walks in the door. Men need man-cave time to recover from the day. Doing this gives his body time to replenish his testosterone that was used up from his workday, and he needs this to be manly, and don’t you like the manly testonerey parts about him? I know I do.

Pay attention to what he does.

MarkNUUTTTT said It is almost impossible for me to say “I love you.” It baffles me that my many actions don’t tell you I love her. I don’t get it at all. Words are kinda meaningless; my actions cannot be faked or be a lie. Much more meaningful to me.

So pay attention to your man’s actions, and learn about love languages. What does he do for you or with you?

Men aren’t as emotive as women, so when he helps you carry in the groceries, or gives you a hug when he sees you, or calls you, that might be his way of saying, “I care for you, think about you, and love you.

People often “do” what they want to be done for them. If he is very affectionate, then he is likely to crave physical attention.

Relationships aren’t black and white, and learning through relationships is one way for us to have a better understanding of ourselves and the men we care about, and this will make our relationships even better.

One of my favorite books that helped me understand all of my relationships is this one: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

If you read it, you will have so much more understanding of yourself and the men, your friends, and your family in your life.