You aren’t even thinking about how to get a second date, because you know you’ve got this guy in the bag. The date was perfect. You saw the Mariachi band as you walked in the doors of El Campesino. You felt sparks flying as the waiter sat down the spicy salsa and free chips. This guy could be “the one.” Not only did he pick your favorite restaurant in town, he had big, beautiful brown eyes and what a smile. Ahhh… “This is too good to be true,” you think to yourself.

As soon as you finished placing your order, the band walked to your table and played music that had you both smiling from ear to ear over your golden margaritas. The moment too was golden. The date was golden. This guy is golden. Or so it seemed.

He gave you a kiss that would melt solid wax on one of those smelly St Mary’s candles. This was it. You took a cab home and thought you would melt into the vinyl seat. You dreamed of him all night.

You woke up in the morning hoping for a text. No text. If you want to learn to EPIC Sex lessons, don’t wait till you’re 40!

Taco, your Chihuahua wags his tail waiting to be fed. You get dressed, and you take him for a walk. You go to work for 6 hours. You look at your phone. You go home. Call your mom. Take a shower and still… no phone call. No nothing. You wait days. Not a single letter shows up under his number, and definitely not a call.

What happened? You though for sure you would hear from him again. You think about the article you saw and didn’t read “How to get a second date with that hottie, and you let it pass you by. But you are in luck! Here is another one. And it came just in time!

If you want to know how to get a second date, follow these easy steps.

1. Look EPIC
You only have 1 chance to make a first impression, and you want to knock his socks off as soon as he lays eyes on you. Men are very visual and you want him to want to tear off you clothes. That doesn’t mean you let him, but you want him to at least think about it.

2. Smell Great
You don’t have to wear expensive perfume. But take a nice soak in the tub with some scrumptious bath salts, and wash your hair in with shampoo that smells like coconut or cookies. He will want to eat you up. You want him to get close so he can smell you. You don’t want to repel him with too much perfume.

3. Make EPIC Connections.
When he talks listen to him and then respond. Let the conversation flow between the two of you like water. Make good eye contact when you are talking. And remember you don’t have to talk to communicate. A sexy glance up from your dinner can say much more than a bunch of words about your hectic schedule at the firm. Smile. And if he asks you a question answer it. If he asks you something, he wants to know!

Dating can be so fun and you will always learn about yourself. And if you never seem to get past that first date, you will get pretty tired of that at start to learn more about what men love. When you are dating it will help you build your confidence by getting to practice the EPIC Art of Flirting. It might make you uncomfortable when you get started, but I promise, when you learn it, you won’t be sorry.