How To Get Over A Devastating Breakup.

When you are single, and you have had a rough breakup The dark night of the soul, or the Goddess Shadow, as I like to call it, will probably appear. Allowing her to come for a visit, accepting her and letting her go is part of the process.

This Goddess Shadow is a part of our journey as women. Although the sadness can get heavy, the darkness is only a cycle.

It’s part of our growth into being a Goddess. These feelings don’t last forever. And they will help you grow into a mature woman.

These kinds of experiences do serve us on a deep level.

Do you remember your first boyfriend?  When you broke up, you felt like your heart was going to break in two and you could never love again?


Your heart does heal, even if it hurts now. It might take some time, but that time is time for you to take care of you.

Women go through these times and so do men. But we are so deep, the men can’t even imagine. What it’s like. That is OK. It’s part of our makeup. We are deep, mysterious, feeling creatures. Thank goodness!

This plunge into this bad breakup darkness is a path to light.

Whenever I go deep, I embrace it

Whenever you feel sad, don’t be afraid of it.

It will not last forever. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel is a Goddess. A Goddess who is deeper than she was before; and has so much more room in her heart for the right kind of guy.

When you feel your feelings, it is a great service to yourself, your relationships, and the greater good.

Often times you have to go as low as you can go before you can start really appreciating whom you are, and the potential of who you may become.

Our relationships are a mirror for the work we need to do on ourselves. Our devastating breakups will help us decide how we want treat ourselves. Because when you feel sad, you have to work on caring for yourself, and you have time to figure things out.

Our devastating breakups help us get really clear on how we want to be treated by the men we share our time with.

So embrace your feelings because they will lead you to greatness.

If you feel sad over a breakup, do your best to feel your feelings so you can release them. When you let them go you will start to feel better.

Take care of yourself.

Listen to music that makes you feel good.

Write your feelings out.

Take a walk in nature.

Listen to the birds.

Appreciate the little things in your life. Even your bad breakups.