If you have been a victim of a devastating breakup recently, or even one that was copacetic, you will still want to know how to get over a guy as fast as possible.

We know you’ve probably gone through boxes of tissues already. It’s time fro you to get over your ex so you can move with your life and enjoy your day instead of dreading it.

The First Step Of How To Get Over A Guy— Let Yourself Cry

You’ve got to allow enough time for yourself to cry it out. It might suck at the moment, but it if you let these sad feelings fester by stuffing them down— You’re asking for an even harder release down the road.

You can’t go from depressed to utterly blissful in the blink of an eye. Crying will help.

Let yourself feel the sad feelings. Stuffing down your feelings won’t help you get over a guy faster. 

Letting it all out is the only way.

Permit yourself to hole up for a few days snuggled up under the covers with Netflix, sad songs and lots of tissues. But don’t do it for too long!

How To Get Over A Guy— Write It Out!

Start A Dear Diary Entry— Seriously!

Venting with your pen and paper is a healthy way to say anything you want about your lying-cheating ex is OK here. Nobody will read it.


Writing about your past heartbreak is a safe way to release any pent-up feelings. There are a few rules to follow.

  1. Don’t worry about grammar.
  2. Don’t censor yourself.
  3. Don’t re-read it.

That’s it! Be as sad, mean, angry, or depressed as you want as your scratch out words with your pen.

One of the things I do when I journal about sad feelings is not to read it for AT LEAST one year— even longer is better.

Some breakups take longer to get over, and if you revisit the sad feelings, it can keep you stuck in the unfortunate icky place.

Don’t let temptation lure you to relive your depression. Because once depression has it’s ugly claws in you, it can be hard to let them go.

So please don’t read what you wrote. Let it go and let the universe handle it.

When You Accept That It’s Over Is Another Way of Letting Your Ex Go

If you fight it— it will only make your healing take longer.

When you find yourself grabbing on to the fantasy of getting back together it only makes the pain last longer. If you can’t mentally let go, you’ve got to take these steps for your own good.

  • Delete your ex from all social media.
  • Block his number.
  • Don’t text him.
  • Don’t call him.
  • Do not ask his friends how he’s doing.
  • Don’t drive by his house.
  • Don’t drive by his workplace.
  • Don’t Google him.
  • Don’t hang out at his favorite coffee shops or bars.

How To Get Over A Guy By Cleaning Your Room

Cleaning might not be on the top of your list. If your room is overflowing with dirty clothes on the floor, a trashcan full of toilet paper rolls because you ran out of tissues, it’s time to clean up your act, sister.

When you take care of your space, it will give you a better area to heal and feel okay about your surroundings.

Your outer world affects your inner world. If your house looks like a garbage dump, your inside can feel trashy too.

Get rid of any moments of your ex: movie stubs, pictures, letters, CDs, or anything else that reminds you of your relationship.

Toss it into the dumpster with all of your tissues and chocolate wrappers. You can get over the depression of heartbreak!

Cleaning up your house and your space will make your heart feel lighter. Clean is better than grungy and grody. 

When you take care of your area, it will remind you that you are worth having beautiful things in your life!

How To Get Over A Guy— Do Something Good For Your Body.

According to Psychology Today Test subjects who exercised about 40 minutes three to five days a week had the most fabulous antidepressant effect.

The bottom line, exercise is the best medicine for being depressed.

Even if you don’t feel like it— Take a walk with a friend, get some cardio or belly dance to some youtube videos in your newly cleaned bedroom.

I promise you will feel better.

Exercise has these beneficial effects

  • More blood flow to your brain
  • Endorphins flood your body with a naturally occurring anti-depressant
  • Seratonin is released to lift your bad mood to a better one.
  • Get your but moving after you’ve cried it out!

How To Get Over A Guy— Get Crafty!

Get on Pinterest and find new art that you would like to create. There’s a thing called art therapy, and you can do it all on your own. 

Drawing, painting, making a mosaic or making scrumptious looking bath bombs will do the trick.

When you put your attention on a goal— Especially one that will leave you with something cute, crafty or good-smelling it will inspire you to get into something for the pure fun of creating.

Doing a focused art project with a goal in mind will help you take your mind off your ex.
pottery art

So will going to the art store and looking around at all the cool projects you could work on in the future.

Grab a few friends and have a girls craft night. You can all shop together and split the bill at the craft store, and everyone gets to go home with something new for their apartment to enjoy.

It’s a beautiful way to vent, have fun and see your girlfriends at the same time.

How To Get Over A Guy— Get Your Hair Did!

Going to the spa or even a super-affordable beauty college will do the trick for your heartbreak. You may think getting pampered is shallow, but it is GOOD FOR YOU. Taking care of yourself will help you feel more feminine!

  • Get a massage
  • Try out reflexology
  • Reiki session
  • Browse magazines for a new hairdo
  • Chair massage at the mall
  • Get your eyebrows done
  • Go for just a hair wash and a blow-out
  • Do some deep breathing
  • Hit a meditation group
  • Paint your toes
  • Trade hand massage with your bestie
  • Make a sugar scrub and pamper yo-self at home
  • Hug a friend.
  • Pet your fluff ball kitty.

When you show your body love, it will release oxytocin and make you physically feel better.

How To Get Over A Guy— Listen To Feel-Good Music

No depressing love songs allowed! Get on Facebook and ask your friends for their favorite uplifting songs and create a new playlist on Spotify. Share the good vibes with your friends.

Listening to feel-good tunes will chill out your vibe for the better.

If it’s danceable, don’t be afraid to let your hair down and get down.

Getting funky with your good jams will make you feel fabulous!

If you need some social time . . .

How To Get Over A Guy Fast— Get Down At The Club

Dancing is good for your soul! You’ll get some good cardio while you let your hips sway to the music.

And to top it off you might get to dance with a potential new beau.

When you are dancing in the club, it will give you a mental break from your day to day grind.

dancing in the club

According to a study in 2014 the researchers found that people dancing for recreation alone had higher energy than dancers who danced competitively.

Dancing can release endorphins the feel-good hormones that can boost your mood and little flirting with a new guy never hurt anyone

When you dance you can focus on the feelings, you have in your body. Moving your body to music can be pure pleasure and give your mind a much-needed break.

Your body can become more flexible from dancing and flexibility in your movement will make your life feel better.

Dating Therapy Is Another Way Of How To Get Over A Guy

Get on Flip, Tinder or Bumble to see what else is out there.

Even though you may think you’ll never “Find another guy like him”— Hopefully, you don’t. I want you to find someone even better!

One of the best things about relationships that didn’t work out is you can learn from them. Dating someone new will always teach you more— Even if it’s only for one date!

When you learn from experience, it is called wisdom. Your grandmas had it, and now you are one step closer to being as wise as her.

Every relationship, every ex-boyfriend will help you become a more profound more evolved woman. Because without experience what have you got? Nothing.

Experience is what makes you the amazing being that you are right now! And you have even more clarity for what you want your future to look like when you have another boyfriend or hubby.

So take a minute to think about everything you learned and the takeaways that will stick with you forever.

  • You learned that you want a man who is loyal.
  • Now you know you want a guy who loves you as much as you love him.
  • Having similar goals is essential for your next relationship.
  • You want a guy who brushes and flosses on the reg.
  • Being with an alcoholic is a bad idea, even if he is the best kisser.
  • Doing too much doesn’t make someone love you back.
  • Loving yourself first is the best way to get the best love.

You deserve to have the kind of man that will treat you like a queen. I know you’ll won’t let yourself get sucked into a relationship with another loser who didn’t treat you right. You know way too much for that to happen again.

Love is there for you, and I can’t wait for you to find it. It all starts with a first date, so put yourself out there!