So the holidays are the time when we want to spend time with loved ones, but sometimes — we just don’t feel like it.

There are ways of dealing with depression during the holidays, even when it’s not practical. Who wants practical anyway? I want to help you deal with depression by being impractical!

Being pollyanna is the path to your happiness. 

Here are 4 surefire ways of how to get through depression now that the holiday season is here:

1. Set unrealistic goals.

Imagine that you had your dream job, your dream partner, and your dream dog. Just imagine if you had a live-in housekeeper to wash your dishes every night. 

Ahhhh, living in the lap of luxury is never a bad thing even if you are pretending. Just revel in how it would fill to have all of your needs met — every single one of them.

2. Imagine Prince Charming.

If you are single, imagine Mr. Handsome accidentally bumping into you on the street. The contents of your purse spill onto the sidewalk and helps you pick everything up. 

He spies a half-eaten bag of peanut M&Ms on the sidewalk. He says with his melting-you-on-the-inside-smile, “The green ones are my favorite, so if you try to eat them all, well — that could be a problem.” 

Then he gets your number, calls you that evening and you and is romancing you by Friday. This tall, dark stranger who is about to become your Prince Charming, you know deep in your heart, is the one. 

A fabulous whirlwind romance is on the horizon.

3. Fantasize about your partner of 10 years being perfect.

Your husband magically knows exactly what you want. When you want the laundry switched over — he does it without you even asking. 

He takes out the garbage before he has to. Now the honey-do list is empty because he already did everything. He rubs your feet with your favorite peppermint oil. It reminds you of sleigh bells and candy canes.

And when your usual wham-bam-thank-you-mam-man snuggles with you on the couch he doesn’t even want sex. He just wants to snuggle. He wants to make you feel good with no pressure whatsoever. 

And to top it off, your hubby is like a bloodhound and knows when you do want some loving. Yowza.

He asks you about your feelings, and he even listens. The TV is off and a fire is already sparking in the fireplace. Your favorite wine from your honeymoon in Hawaii appears on the coffee table. He tells you a story of when he fell in love with you, and you remember vividly.

Your partner romances you and touches you in all the secondary, (not primary) areas first — his hands run through your hair, he massages your neck, his hand’s stroke your arms and hands, for hours on end. And he snuggles with you on the couch without wanting sex; he wants your pleasure is his most important priority.

And when you do feel horny he knows precisely what to do to you with anatomist-romance novel hero know-how. You are so in sync you don’t even need to say “a little to the left,” or “not so hard,” or “take your time,” because he already knows. It’s like he’s read a hundred books on your body and now he is the teacher.

He doesn’t even touch your butt for 49 minutes until you want him to. There is so much foreplay you can’t stand it, and your ordinarily low libido self is begging him for it. And after the most fabulous love-making on the planet, he holds you in his arms until you peaceful fall asleep. 

You sleep all night soundly and he doesn’t even snore. It is a true Christmas miracle. 

4. Visualize the word “no” in your head. 

No turkey to be dressed. No crazy uncle hunting stories to deal with every hour on the hour. No last minute shopping. No 5-hour drive to your in-laws with whom you don’t even like.  No credit card charges for gifts you can’t afford. 

No dishes to clean up. No husband accidentally burning your gift cards you bought for your entire family while he was trying to be “helpful.” No burned apple pie. No reindeer tracks on the roof. No food poisoning from deviled eggs being left out for way too long. No getting gifts you don’t like. 

No kids are spoiling “Santa’s not real” for the little kids who still believe because you want to believe and today you are sure that Santa is real.

It is the time to believe in you, your wishes, and your deepest desires coming to fruition. Because your dreams will come true if you allow yourself to hold the desire in your heart, and let the universe work its magic.

Your hopes and your wishes are pure and utter magic and everything you want is waiting for you. It’s time to open your heart and let love it in. The best ways of how to get through depression are to imagine yourself someplace different and where you want to be instead of how you feel right now.