I’m excited to have a guest blogger again! Pheeby Snow and myself have collaborated on this piece. Pheeby is a cleaning expert and she has given some great advice on how to get your husband to do chores around the house, and I added a few saucy cleaning tips to turn him on while you are both washing the dishes to help you have a successful message.

According to a popular notion women are in charge of doing the house chores while men are responsible for earning the monthly income of the family (Eeek!!! on both counts). However, in today’s world when men and woman are trying to build a career and face equally challenging tasks, the house maintenance, and organizing is regarded as an unpleasant burden that nobody wants to take care of. But if you want to have a successful marriage, it seems like you have to do it all. To a certain extent, that’s understandable. I know I don’t want to do housework.

Who wants to start dusting and vacuuming after a tiring day at work? Not me, and I’m gonna guess you would much rather have dinner and relax, or get a massage. Things get even more complicated when kids are born but that’s a whole other story. Did someone say cleaning service? That’s what I’m talking about!

Including kids in the household activities is another topic, worthy of discussing but let’s see how can new couples divide the house cleaning responsibilities and keep the property in a decent condition, because having a clean home helps keep your head in a clear space and when you are finished you can spend time together in a beautiful space with the following love tips. When he is folding your panties tell him he can take those off of you later.

There are a few things you can do with your hubby or your wifey.

  • Although most house chores are considered to be boring and time consuming, don’t hesitate to talk to each other about what is expected. There might be some things your husband or wife likes to do, and they might sync up to what you don’t like to do. While you don’t like feeding the pet or folding the clothes, your significant other might actually like it.
  • Make a cleaning arrangement.
  • Do the cleaning at the same time. This can end up as a bonding experience. If you don’t spend as much time together as you wish, why don’t you do the house chores at a day and time that is convenient to both of you?
  • According to a great number of surveys accomplishing tasks together, even insignificant ones, like cleaning, makes the relationship stronger and stable. So get cleaning and create a stronger bond with your partner. Who knew washing dishes could be sexy? It all depends on your mind set. Don’t nag him about the dirty dishes.
  • A common mistake most spouses make is to nag about the cleaning performance. It is a well-known fact that men and women perceive cleanliness differently. Bearing that, in mind, you can not expect your husband do the vacuuming at home as thoroughly as you usually do, but when it comes to cleaning the car he will definitely put more effort into making it look great. So appreciate the help even if it’s not “perfect.”

Don’t micromanage your man.

man stress
  • In addition to the statement above, let your partner do the cleaning in their own way. They may have a different opinion about the arrangement of the furniture in the living room or the clothes folding technique you have. In other words, cleaning can help you face some of your differences and slowly but surely accept them instead of complaining about the way he folds towels and you demanding that he do it your way…“double double fold fold!” Lighten up people and be happy your partner is contributing to the household madness. Does it really matter your towels don’t look like the ones in the Hilton.
  • A problem shared is a problem solved, somebody once said, and this rule applies to the dividing of the house chores. Learn to help each other with the performance of the cleaning tasks both of you dislike. Washing the dishes, dusting the living room or doing the laundry can turn out to be a source of fun. It all depends on your state of mind. Keep up the flirting.

So flip on the fun switch and don’t be shy when it comes to giving your partner bedroom eyes while he’s taking out the trash and tell him how much it means to you. 

However, there is another flip side of the cleaning coin. Despite saving much time and energy, some couples disapprove of the dividing of the house chores. Actually that’s what the mutual care is all about. If your husband/ wife works twice as many hours as you do, you can cook the dinner on your own that night. If you really want to spend your life with the one you love, you may need to clean under the toaster once in a while. Meeting your girlfriend to get a mani-pedi is way more fun than cleaning the toilet, but rest assured that your time and efforts will undoubtedly be highly appreciated, and please don’t forget to appreciate your partner. Because the words “Thank You,” mean more than you think.