I’ve been busy coaching and going over new client’s online dating profiles at a conference this weekend. So, I’ve been doing a lot of connecting with healers and intuitives and lots of people who are just trying to figure things out, especially in the love department.

Love, dating and relationships are the big topics of conversation, especially at my table. One of the readers close to me said the energy of my table was moving his usual readings of money and financial questions in the direction of love and relationships.

You may not realize how much your energy actually affects those around you. We’re not just beautiful physical beings, we have this non-physical, spiritual side that most people can’t see or are even aware of, and oftentimes don’t even think about talking about it.  But this weekend people were not shy in talking about it.

Everything about you is energy. Your actions, your words and especially how you say them emits a certain vibe. What vibration are you portraying with the way you talk to men? Are you transmitting the vibration of control, desperation, clinginess or something else? What is the vibration that will serve you? Oh I know… Love. Being a good kisser doesn’t hurt either.

Love. We all want it, but how do we get it? Having effective communication in relationships is a good place to start and loving yourself. Talking with a man IS different than talking with a woman. What you say and how you say it will either help you feel more connected or disconnected. Which would you prefer to have coming at you?

I used to think I was a great communicator and I was… I was great at talking to my customers about the best Cabernet to have with their Brazilian steak with garlic butter when I was waitress. I was good at talking with my girlfriends about the party last week or what’s for dinner. I could talk to cashiers about their life, and share a little bit about mine. But when it came to men, I just didn’t get it. Check out my Facebook page here to learn more about yourself and men!

neon heart

And maybe you don’ t either. What does a love feeling mean to men? There was a study done with men and the study consisted of only one question that was something like this… Which would you rather have, love or respect?

Many of the men were confused because to them, love and respect were the same thing. So one of the most important things for us as women to do, is to have lots of respect in our relationships. And this respect starts with yourself. So learn to love yourself and respect yourself. And you can learn how to do that here in my new book How to Stop Being a Doormat and Get The Love You Want. It’s super affordable, seriously! I would love for you to check it out and empower yourself today!