During the Covid-19 lockdown, all parts of our lives have been affected, including our love and relationships. The stress that the pandemic is putting on our lives is not a small matter anymore. Most couples are already struggling because they were forced to spend more time together and are stuck inside their home. 

They might also face new stressful issues such as job insecurities, working from home, child care, the strain of household chores, anxiety, sleeplessness, lack of personal space, and privacy. Experts believe that all these things can cause serious damage to any relationship if not been handle carefully. 

With that in mind, there are a few guides that you can follow to keep the relationship alive during this pandemic. Below is the guideline to add to your daily routine to spark the romance back in your relationship. 

How To Keep The Romance Alive During Quarantine 

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During the pandemic, most couples facing a lot more stress than usual. They need to coop with partnering, regular childcare, financial tension, and fears of contracting the illness. Things are going to get worse because of exhaustion as well as lack of personal time. 

Because when you and your partner not in a good mood, it is very easy for hard feelings and arguments to develop. So for those who are struggling to cope with these problems, here are some ideas to add some light-hearted fun into your relationship. 

Arrange separate areas and set up a schedule 

Arrange separate areas for each of you in your home. You can use that area to work from home, and if you’re not working, use that space to do whatever you like during your free time. 

These separate areas will reduce the chances for both of you to bump into each other, and it will make you feel like both of you are going to works as usual. 

For those who need to take care of their children, you can plan a weekly schedule and strictly follow the schedule. For example, sleep on regular hours, waking up at the same time, and starting and stopping working simultaneously. 

If you manage to follow the schedule, it will be much easier for you to plan your work, attend an online meeting, and plan your ‘me’ time. 

Plan your ‘me’ time 

This is entirely related to point number 1. To maintain your emotion and your mental health, you need time to be entirely by yourself. Studies have shown that having your own ‘me’ time has its benefits, such as improve productivity, happiness, and gratitude. 

With all the new stressful issues that you’ve been facing, having your own ‘me’ time is one right way to reset your mind. When you spend time alone, you have the opportunity to sit back and look at your life. It gives you clear perspectives of what is going, and you can prioritize things accordingly. 

Once you clear with your situations, it will be much easier for you to react in a particular way. You know what is going on and how to handle it. Yoga and meditation can help relieve stress too.

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Communicate with your partner 

Given the situation that we are in now, communication plays an even more critical role. Do not ignore any problems that popping up in your relationship during this pandemic. Ignoring the problem will just cause conflict and pain to your relationship. 

So whenever you feel frustrated or trapped, let your partner know about it. Discussing the issues in your relationship and the problems you are facing will help you find a solution. Sometimes, it may be too much for you to handle, but ignoring it is not the best strategy. 

Erika, the owner of the Center for Couple Counseling in Texas, also writes about this in detail. She believes that you need to actively express your concern and listen to your partner during this pandemic. This kind of communication will help your relationship survive and grow stronger. 

You can read the full article here: How this pandemic can save your marriage. 

Share household work 

We can’t deny that parts of our pressure and frustration are due to the extra work that we’re doing at our home. Significantly for both parents who are working from home. You need to do your jobs as well as keep your kids occupied. 

Therefore, both of you need to share responsibility for household chores and parenting. For example, if you are responsible for cleaning the house and cooking, let your partner do the grocery shopping and take care of them. 

If you have your schedule on managing your time during this pandemic, you can just put your household work in between your schedule. This will make sure no partner gets pressured by doing everything on their own. 

Keep serving each other 

Small little gestures that express fondness and appreciation to your partner is essential to feel connected. So, if your spouse or both of you are working from home, use this opportunity to keep serving on each other. 

For example, having breakfast ready for them in the morning, take turns preparing lunch, and eating it at the same break time. You can also randomly give them a neck massage while working or delivering their favorite coffee while working. 

Remember, whatever positive things you do will make you feel good and push away negative emotions. It also indirectly help you boost your mood and your well-being.