Hey girl, listen up – I’ve got the inside scoop on how to tell if a guy is really into you. Figuring out a man’s true feelings can feel like such a mystery sometimes, but these 5 surefire signs will make it crystal clear.

He’s Lightning Fast

First up, pay attention to how fast he responds when you text. A guy who’s really feeling you is gonna make you a priority, no matter how busy his schedule is. If he takes days to get back to you with some lame excuse, that’s a major red flag. When a man likes a woman, he’s gonna find a way to chat her up, stat.

He Introduces You to Friends & Family

And speaking of introductions, if you’ve been dating for a while and you still haven’t met any of his friends or family, girl, that’s not a good sign. A man who’s serious about you is gonna be proud to show you off to the important people in his life. If he’s keeping you all to himself, he’s probably just not that into it for the long haul.

He Pays Attention

Another telltale sign? He actually listens when you talk and recalls the little details you share. A guy who’s truly interested in you is gonna pay attention and make you feel heard. And once he starts developing stronger feelings, date nights are gonna become a given – no more wondering or begging for quality time together.

Date Nights Are Implied

And speaking of date nights, if a man is really into you, certain plans will start to become a given based on your schedules. Getting together on Friday or Saturday, or even a casual weeknight to watch a shared favorite show. Don’t beg for dates – if he likes you, he’ll make it happen.

He Tells You Secrets

But perhaps the biggest indicator that he’s falling for you? When he starts opening up and sharing his deepest, darkest secrets. Vulnerability is intimacy, girl, and if he’s entrusting you with that kind of personal info, it means he sees real potential with you.

Of course, there’s always exceptions to the rules, and relationships have their ups and downs. But if you find yourself constantly making excuses for his distant behavior, it’s probably time to cut your losses and find a man who’s ready to show you how much you mean to him. You deserve that unwavering attention and commitment, sis.

At the end of the day, trust your gut. If something feels off, don’t ignore those red flags. But if he’s consistently checking all these boxes, girl, you just might have a keeper on your hands. Get ready to let your walls down and enjoy the ride!